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Common truck crash causes

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Unless you are off-roading in the swamps of the Everglades, chances are traffic if is going to be bad in Florida. Regardless of whether you are on the highways or on city streets, South Florida’s roads are always busy. So busy, that it’s difficult to go anywhere without a commercial truck sharing the road with you. These vehicles aren’t just massive in size but also quite considerable in weight, so getting into a crash with one can have catastrophic consequences.

But what causes truck crashes to happen? And why is South Florida so accident-prone? Let’s find out…

Why do truck crashes happen so often in South Florida?

According to Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorney | Tucker Law, truck accidents can be caused by the truck driver, the trucking company, or a third party. Full-size transit trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which means they have the potential to cause massive devastation, especially if they’re carrying something hazardous.

Here are a few of the most common reasons behind many trucking-related collisions and on-road incidents:

Distracted driving

As with passenger vehicles, distracted driving remains a major factor in truck crashes. Truckers are tasked with meeting tight deadlines and often multi-task behind the wheel. They may eat, drink, shave, or use their phones. There are regulations that prohibit these activities for truckers, but some continue to break the rules.

Improper maintenance

Every trucking company needs to ensure every truck in its fleet is road-safe, therefore, these vehicles must pass safety inspections. Yet even with regulations from the U.S. government, some trucks on the road operate on bald tires or worn brakes.

Inclement weather

Truck drivers need to be on the road no matter what the weather forecast entails. South Florida’s torrential rains can cause major hazards that make it easier for a trucker to lose control of the vehicle. Additionally, reduced visibility may mean a truck driver doesn’t see another car or the road signs ahead, which could cause a crash.

Poor loading practices

Trucks that are improperly loaded with cargo can cause horrific accidents, especially if the cargo spills into the road while the truck is moving at high speed. Cargo can also shift inside the truck and cause it to roll over. In some cases, the truck company is responsible for loading cargo, while in other cases, a third party loads the cargo. However, every truck driver is required to check on their cargo at specific intervals during transit.

Road hazards

Unexpected road hazards can cause even the most prudent truck driver to crash. There may be potholes, poor signage, or even a native Florida hazard in the road like an alligator. When truckers need to maneuver at the last minute, they may swerve, causing them to skid or rollover. While truckers must pay attention to the road ahead to avoid hazards like these, it may be impossible to maintain control in certain circumstances.

Lack of proper training

With goods hitting Fort Lauderdale’s ports in record numbers, trucking companies sometimes are forced to hire additional help, which often translates to inexperienced or incompetent commercial truck drivers. This can create huge problems on the road, especially if these drivers skipped training seminars or the necessary tests to become properly certified. Even then, those that have a certification may not be experienced enough to be classified as “competent” behind the wheel, which means they’re more likely to wind up causing a collision.

Impaired drivers

Some truckers use stimulants to stay awake and on schedule with their deliveries. Others take prescription painkillers for various other problems, or sometimes just for kicks. Heck, there are even some that drink while they drive. All of these things can put everyone on the road in grave danger.

Drowsy driving

Drowsy driving from spending long hours behind the wheel is another concern. When a trucker is tired, their reflexes and response time are hindered. Even though federal laws mandate that truckers take regular rest breaks, that doesn’t mean that they are going to sleep, which may lead to them falling asleep at the wheel later on. Additionally, some truck drivers will deliberately skip these breaks to stay on schedule, while others will be forced by their trucking company to keep driving illegally.

Reckless driving

Being in a hurry in any type of vehicle creates a reckless driving situation. For those behind the wheel of enormous trucks, it’s an even deadlier situation. Truckers may speed, run red lights, or even become angry at slower drivers in the way, acting aggressively toward them.


Getting into a collision with a commercial truck is even more frightening than a car crash. Your injuries will likely be severe, and it may be years before you fully recover. It’s important to talk to a personal injury attorney about what you can do to hold the trucker, the trucking company, or a third party liable for their negligence. 

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