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Who We Are

The channel, the website, and the people behind it

Pickup Truck + SUV Talk is a fun mix of new pickup and SUV news with a splash of classic trucks. Our channel creator Tim Esterdahl is an accomplished freelance automotive journalist and a self-described pickup snob. He is joined by veteran automotive journalist Jill Ciminillo who has a knack for fitting in small trunk spaces as well as being a top-notch journalist.

Over the past few years, we have seen massive growth through our unique viewpoints now with more than 90k subscribers and 19.5 million lifetime views on YouTube as well as about 200k monthly website views. We hope you’ll follow along as we cover topics important to you and blaze a new trail in automotive journalism with our down to earth, practical viewpoints on vehicles.

Get to Know Us

Tim Esterdahl

Who is this Tim guy?

Automotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been covering the industry since 2011 with his work appearing in numerous high profile media outlets. His continued work and passion for all things trucks and SUVs lead to the creation of Pickup Truck +SUV Talk in September 2016. Starting off as a podcast, the outlet has grown into a YouTube channel and a growing website. Plus, Tim is widely recognized for his truck and SUV knowledge leading to other outlets quoting him and/or sharing his work.

His first truck was a brand new 2003 Chevy S-10 and he has also owned a 2013 Toyota Tundra as well as a really cool 1963 International C1200 through the years. Through the success of the media outlet, he plans to continue purchasing many new trucks in the coming years to broaden our coverage of the market.

Tim is currently wrenching on a 1962 Chevy C10 given to him as a gift from his family. It is an old farm truck owned by his wife’s grandfather. After nearly 20 years sitting in a barn, he recently brought it back to life.

He has a degree in Journalism from Metro State University in Denver and is a married father of three living in Western Nebraska.

Jill Ciminillo

Who is this managing editor Jill person?

Though Jill is relatively new to focusing on pickup trucks, she’s been in the automotive biz for nearly two decades. She launched her career as the automotive editor for Pioneer Press Newspapers, a weekly suburban newspaper owned by the Sun-Times News Group with a circulation of more than 500,000.

She started writing reviews with a much-needed female perspective and a keen eye toward what many general consumers are seeking by covering topics such as driving position, cargo space, vehicle amenities and seat comfort. This focus on consumers’ needs and interests has been a hallmark throughout her career, as she transitioned first to a position as the online automotive editor for the Chicago Sun-Times, and then worked as the first automotive blogger for the Chicago Tribune. Following those roles, she became the online automotive editor for Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns or operates nearly 200 TV stations in 88 markets.

As the managing editor for Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, you’ll see her writing news and reviews, and crawling around trucks and SUVs (literally) on the Pickup Truck + SUV Talk YouTube channel.

Throughout her 20-year career, Jill has watched as media distribution platforms have evolved and has striven to be an early adopter with new technologies, embracing Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, podcasting, blogging and now TikTok, as viable content distribution platforms, reaching diverse audiences in the wide variety of ways they want to receive content.

Jill also has the unique distinction of being the first (and only) female president in the history of the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA). During her 2-year stint as president, she not only planned and executed two successful (and crash-free) Spring Rally events at Road America but also raised $100,000 to establish a journalism scholarship endowment at Northwestern University, in honor of MAMA’s first president, Jim Mateja.

Jill CiminilloWhere else can you find Jill writing and talking about cars (and trucks, of course!):

The Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast and radio show (airs Sundays on WCPT 820 AM Chicago)
Jill’s own YouTube
The #cardujour hashtag on any social medium
Not to mention the fact that you can find all Jill’s past articles on Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, by clicking on her profile.

In her other life, Jill is a marathon runner, having completed 11 Chicago Marathons and finally hitting her time goal of beating Oprah (yes, she ran a marathon) in 2019. She trains marathon runners every summer and serves on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Area Runner’s Association as the Vice President.