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The chip shortage has become a real pain in the ass – especially if you need to buy a new truck right now. Analysts predict microchip and other supply chain issues won’t be resolved until mid-2023. At the earliest. But what if you can’t wait another year to buy a new truck? Well, according to Cox Automotive, there are a few trucks that seem to be sitting on dealer lots for longer than usual.

So, if you’re not a too picky, here are five full-size trucks you can probably find without too much difficulty today.

Ram 1500 Classic

This is an oldie but a goodie. Based on the previous-generation 1500, this truck lacks a lot of the upscale tech goodies that were introduced with the redesign in 2019. However, it has an available V-8 engine and can be configured as a regular, double or crew crew cab and has both standard and short beds available. The upside is because it’s a “classic,” it has knocked out a lot of the known issues and complaints and will be a fairly reliable truck. So, if you need something that’s more bare bones – and without leather seats — this should be your first stop on the truck-buying tour.

Base 4X2 price: $31,4465
Top trim 4X4 price: $46,135
Incentives available: Yes
Days supply: 83.9

Ram 1500

Ram gets a bad rap for reliability, and that might be part of the reason the 1500 is sitting on dealer lots for more than two months. However, poor reliability is old news, and in recent years, the Ram 1500 has moved up in the world. In fact, it’s now rated the most reliable full-size truck from Consumer Reports. Plus, this truck has some pretty cool tech, super comfy seats, adjustable pedals and several powertrain options. In terms of powertrains, you have V-6, V-8 and diesel options. Another reason the 1500 might be sitting on lots is people are anticipating a refresh for 2023, but we think this will be pushed off to 2024. So, if you want tech goodies and lux-level accommodations mixed in a reliable package, the 2022 Ram 1500 is another great starting place.

Base 4X2 price: $38,295
Top trim 4X4 price*: $67,780
Incentives available: Yes
Days supply: 69.9

Ford F-150

To us, this is the biggest shocker on the list. How can the “best-selling truck” be sitting on dealer lots for nearly two months? We’re not sure, and since Cox Automotive data doesn’t tell which trims aren’t selling, we have to believe it’s the non-hybrid trims. As an interesting note, when we logged into the consumer configurator, it appears the base XL is not available, so start your search at the XLT level. The F-150 was all-new for the 2021model year, so safety and tech systems are the most modern you’ll find of any truck on this list. Standard amenities include Co-Pilot360, Sync 4, selectable drive modes and rain-activated headlights. Ford did ditch the diesel engine for 2022, but you do have hybrid, V-6 and V-8 powertrain options.

Base 4X2 price: $32,665
Top trim 4X4 price*: $82,230
Incentives available: No
Days supply: 51.2

Nissan Titan

This is one truck we aren’t surprised to see on the list. The Nissan Titan, though a solid truck, has been a hard sell since it arrived in 2003 due to its limited cab/bed configurations and, well, the fact it isn’t made by one of the Detroit Three. Also on the minus side, the last refresh was in 2020, so it’s lacking a lot of the cool tech we see on other updated Nissan models. Plus, the Titan has been discontinued in Canada, and there’s speculation this could be the last model year in the U.S. as well. The Titan is a sleeper, though, with plenty of available up-level amenities and a standard V-8 engine. Plus, safety tech like blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert is standard.

Base 4X2 price: $38,645
Top trim 4X4 price: $62,575
Incentives available: No
Days supply: 48.2

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevy trucks have been severely de-contented due to the chip shortage, with the automaker pulling out non-essential things like heated seats, HD radio and cylinder deactivation. Plus, up-level amenities like Super Cruise are probably not going to be available for the 2022 model year. Though some of the 2022 models got an interior refresh, the base WT and Custom trims did not. All of this might play into why this full-size truck is sitting on dealer lots. What’s not clear with the Cox Automotive data is if the Silverado LTD models are included. If they are, that could also explain a lot as they are essentially 2021 models with a 2022 model year slapped on them – i.e. no Google operating system or other interior upgrades.

Base 4X2 price: $36,345
Top trim 4X4 price: $65,495
Incentives available: No, but there are “package discounts” due to de-contented items
Days supply: 44.5

The bottom line on new trucks on dealer lots now

As gas prices continue to climb, we anticipate those who were buying trucks as a fashion statement rather than because they need them will continue to drop. In turn, this will make more models more readily available. So, if you can hang on for another month or two, you might have more options.

But, for now the above will be your best bets.

* Editor’s note: When we say top-tier trim, we aren’t including the specialty off-roaders like the Raptor or TRX.

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