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Is this it? Will 2022 be the last model year for Nissan Titan?


I received a lengthy email from a new truck customer who had some interesting news about the 2022 Nissan Titan. Dealers are apparently telling him that this is the end of the line for the half-ton Nissan truck.

The email also includes an interesting tid bit about the demand on the Toyota Tundra and other experiences. I’ll post the question and then my response:


Good Afternoon! I am going to apologize for the long email right away but I think you will find it interesting. To get started, I am a truck owner and currently drive a 17 Titan which I love. I sell construction equipment so I am on and off jobsites daily as well as drive highways and backroads. Ride quality, cab noise and comfort are huge factors when I buy a truck. I am also a loyal dealer customer and get my truck serviced every 5000 miles per Nissans recommendation at the same dealer. Here is where it gets interesting, I was talking with the Sales Manager about two months ago when I was waiting on my truck to get finished and he dropped a bombshell that 2022 is the last year Nissan will be offering the Titan. I have looked all over the internet and I can not back that claim up. I was at the dealer yesterday again getting another service and asked the service manager and advisors and they confirmed that this is the last year. I am curious to know if that is really the case. I have 119K on my current truck so I was looking to upgrade later this year before I hit 150K. Nissan was going to be my choice. This is the second Titan I have owned and both have been great truck with no real issues other than minor stupid stuff. I don’t like buying something that is not current. I feel resale value with suffer and I fear lack of dealer support for the product will also suffer.

So since I heard that news a month ago or so I have been researching other trucks. I have always been a GM guy but the last one I had was plagued with issues and I can not deal with that so I will not be looking that direction. Ford is OK but just not a fan of how they lay out the cab. Which leaves me really the other two choices Ram and Toyota. I have never owned any Chrysler, Dodge Ram products before so I am curious. I sell Case construction equipment so I get a deep discount since Case is owned by Fiat. So I am leaning that way but have concerns about reliability. I have also looked at Toyota. My wife drives a Sienna and we have never had any issues. I called the local dealer and he said they have a new Tundra on the lot but if I want to test drive it I have to rent it for $89 then they will refund me once the test drive is over. I asked for a stupid 10 min drive you are going to make me go through the hassle of running my card, refunding my card filling out a rental form, etc.. He said yes because we just do not have the inventory. I do not know about you but that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in my life! That pretty much turned me off Toyota. I live in central Indiana and Toyota isn’t in every town like Ram, Ford, etc. so I would have to drive out of the way to buy from another dealer. What concerned me with the Toyota was if they are making me do that for a test drive what will they make me try to do if I have a truck that is under warranty and I ask for a loaner. Nissan it has been no questions asked but I have a feeling the dealer support will not be that great.

Here is what I am wondering. You drive several new trucks so I am looking for some advice I guess on what you would recommend. I looked and drove the new Frontier but I have a teenage son and pre-teen daughter so the backseat was way to small so unfortunately that will not work or I would probably go that route. I tow 1-2 times a month when I deliver a smaller piece of equipment, but I can use a work provided truck for that if needed. I do tow a boat 3-4 times a summer for a buddy which was also a concern with the Frontier. I know you bought the new Tundra this year and had the F150 last year so I am really curious what your thoughts are about the new Ram 1500’s. Is reliability there? How well does the interior hold up since I get in and out often. I typically buy mid-level trim my Titan is a SL. So I am looking at the Big Horn Ram. Any advise will be great since you talk to all the manufactures I figured you might have more insight than what a local dealer does.

I look forward to seeing what you recommend and if you have heard anything about what Nissan is doing with the Titan.  

2022 Nissan Titan Dead?

My response:


First, thanks for the email and thanks for watching! Looks like you have quite the new truck search going on. Let’s break this down into sections starting with the Nissan Titan.

The Titan has been an interesting truck to watch over the past few years. Nissan really tried hard to dive into the truck market and spent lavishly on getting traction. However, the sales results just haven’t been there for the truck. They were so bad in fact, in Canada, the Titan was discontinued in 2020.

Naturally, this has led to a lot of speculation about the U.S. market and your reference to what the dealers are saying isn’t new news to be honest. I’ve run a few videos of it being on the verge of being killed off much to the ire of Nissan PR. The fact is the truck just isn’t selling.

Plus, the plant in Canton, Mississippi, where the Altima, Frontier, Titan and Titan XD are built is going through a change adding two new electric vehicles starting in 2025.

This creates more concern about the future of the Titan and Titan XD. While the Altima sales dropping (down 30k units 2021 vs 2020) and continued cooling of sedan sales, the Frontier showing a rebound in sales (up 64.7%, nearly 24k units 2021 vs 2020) and two new EVs on the horizon it seems like there would be an odd man out.

My guess is the Titan XD will die off and the Titan will live on. The simple fact is trucks are hot right now, and I don’t think Nissan wants to throw in the towel just yet.

Officially, Nissan won’t comment on future vehicle news. Everyone has this similar statement.

On the other items. The Tundra deposit and drive doesn’t surprise me. Toyota, like everyone, is struggling to build trucks at the moment, and I’d guess the dealer wants to keep the miles off its demo vehicle.

For the Ram, reliability has been its key issue for years, yet they are making big strides. They recently won a JD Power award for initial quality, and I made a big deal about that.

I will say I’ve seen a few used Ram trucks at the dealer, however, and the interiors look pretty worn. I don’t know if that was from lack of care from prior customers or what. I will be buying one later this year to see how it holds up.

I hope that helps!

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