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A Unicorn? The cheapest GMC Sierra 2500 with a MultiPro tailgate

GMC Sierra HD MultiPro

Screen shot from the GMC configurator of the Sierra HD with the MultiPro tailgate.

Finding a cheap work truck takes, well, work these days — especially when you start looking for a specific feature like a MultiPro tailgate, which is a smart addition to any truck. Don’t despair; we did the hard digging to find the cheapest GMC Sierra 2500 with the MultiPro tailgate.

It does exist in a base model truck, but it might be harder to find than a leprechaun hiding with a pot of gold. Here’s why.

Why does your work truck need a MultiPro?

Before we begin, let’s examine what the MultiPro tailgate is and why you might want it in a base model truck.

While it may seem expensive to option a base truck with the MultiPro tailgate, it does make for an excellent solution for work trucks and fleets.

GMC Sierra HD MultiPro

Screen shot from the GMC configurator of the Sierra HD with the MultiPro tailgate.

With the multiple load stops on the tailgate, this gives companies confidence that their employees can haul oversize material to a jobsite with superior load securement. Fleets can also benefit from the large tailgate step because they load and unload materials from truck beds often. Although more expensive than many fleet trucks, having a MultiPro tailgate increases its utility substantially.

The introduction of the GMC MultiPro tailgate helped fuel a battle amongst manufacturers to reinvent traditional tailgates and increase their functionality. GMC advertised its new tailgate as having six distinct functions that would improve bed access, work stations and load securement.

This unique tailgate first debuted in March of 2018 as a new feature of the redesigned 2019 Sierra 1500 that would launch that fall. The tailgate was optional on Sierra 1500 SLT trim trucks and standard on AT4 and Denali. Though the initial launch was successful, by limiting the sales to the three most luxurious trims, GMC missed out on the work truck market.

The MultiPro tailgate was added to the redesigned Sierra HD trucks for the 2020 model year. And here’s the kicker, with the Sierra HD, MultiPro is available on all trims – not just the top tier.

So, what’s the cheapest truck with MultiPro?

According to GMC’s build and price configurator, the 2020 Sierra 2500 starts at $35,800, without destination fees. The cheapest truck that GMC offers equipped with the MultiPro tailgate is $38,195 before destination ($35,790 with destination and current discounts). For that price, you get a 2500 regular cab, long bed, 6.6-liter gasoline V-8, 2WD Sierra trim.

On trim levels where the MultiPro tailgate is not standard equipment, GMC’s online price configurator lists the tailgate as a $445 option. Not bad considering the Ram multifunction tailgate retails for $995. This, however, is not the true cost of the MultiPro tailgate on the regular cab 2500 because in order to select this option, you also have to add the $1,950 Convenience Package. This package includes some of the popular options that come standard on higher trim level trucks such as power windows and locks, cruise control and remote keyless entry.

GMC Sierra HD MultiPro

Screen shot from the GMC configurator of the Sierra HD with the MultiPro tailgate.

Why is this truck a unicorn?

Although you could order this configuration of truck from any GMC dealership, it is not a truck you will commonly find on dealer lots. Dealers tend to stock their inventory with more popular – and more profitable – extended and crew cab trucks. Also, the regular cab trucks they do stock are often not equipped with options such as the MultiPro tailgate, keeping the price low to appeal to fleet buyers.

It is also worth noting much of GMC’s advertising is directed at higher-trimmed trucks, overlooking the more unique features of the base models. Despite the lower inventory, a regular cab with MultiPro is a unique truck that can serve a variety of purposes.

So, let us know in the comments below, would you buy a regular cab or base model truck with a Multipro tailgate? If not, which manufacturer builds your favorite tailgate?

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