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Breaking news: 2021 Nissan Titan, 2021 Titan XD Canadian sales ending


A leaked letter from Nissan Canada says the 2021 Nissan Titan, and 2021 Nissan Titan XD will no longer be sold in Canada in the coming months. This is a blow to a once promising full-size truck from the automaker.

Nissan Canada sales letter

Nissan Canada sales letter.

The letter dated August 12, 2020 was shared with our friends at Nissan Nation Productions. In it, Nissan explains they are ending sales as part of their global plan to reduce offerings to create more profit. Plus, it is clear Nissan is moving forward with supporting its more popular models – the Rogue, a new Frontier and the upcoming all-electric Ariya SUV.

This news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when you look at the Canadian sales figures from 2020 quarter 2. The truck simply isn’t selling that well even in a truck market like Canada.

Canadian truck and SUV sales 2020 Q2

Canadian truck and SUV sales 2020 Q2.

Overall, Nissan is really hurting financially with significant losses year over year.

Nissan 2019 vs 2020 financial results

Nissan 2019 vs 2020 financial results

Reducing models that are selling poorly is a smart business decision and will free up resources to focus on other products.

Promising start for Nissan Titan

This news is a big blow for the Nissan Titan which had such a promising start with a ground-up redesign, a Cummins diesel engine and a growing full-size truck market.

The Titan seemed like it was well positioned to take advantage of this market and really gain market share on rivals. Yet, this never materialized even with new changes on the 2020 model year with a revised front end, new panoramic sunroof, 9 speed automatic transmission, great warranty and new, best in class horsepower and torque numbers.

Things went south rather quickly with the Titan XD not catching on for consumers and then the 2020 Nissan Titan saw the Cummins diesel end production as well as a regular cab model.

Now it seems, they are pulling the plug even further by ending the Canadian sales of the truck.

With a new streamlined business plan, the wonder now is how much longer the Nissan Titan will be sold at all. The recent sales results for the U.S. market are not very exciting.

2020 Q2 US truck sales

2020 Q2 US truck sales.

While truck sales and automotive sales overall have taken a big hit by COVID-19, the Nissan Titan has its work cut out to move up in the sales rankings against its rivals.

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