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The first model year of any new truck, such as the 2022 Toyota Tundra, is going to see more problems than future years.

For the 2022 Toyota Tundra, it is more than just a set of new headlights or a new interior. This truck is as new as new gets with a complete redesign, new powertrains and new infotainment system. With all these new items, odds are something is going to go wrong.

Here are the common problems we have seen reported.

Wastegate issues on 2022 Toyota Tundra

One of the most covered issues with the 2022 Tundra is the failing wastegates on the turbochargers.

Affected owners will receive an error message on the dash with the need to reduce power and see the dealer. This often leads to a diagnosis that the wastegate, a part designed to route excess gases away from the turbo, is not operating correctly.

This fix is relatively straight forward with a simple part swap. However, it is a bit more complex since replacement parts have been in short supply, and accessing the rear-engine mounted turbos requires either removing the cabin from the front or removing the entire front clip (fender, grille, radiator, etc.). Either way, a swap and you’re done.

The amount of work required to replace the wastegate has raised legitimate concerns about how much it will cost once the warranty has ended and over how widespread the issue truly is (and not what social media would have you believe). Vehicle facts that a quick consultation with the informative minds over at Aspiring Handyman would have easily been able to clarify.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the cost will be after warranty is done, and we’ve only heard the problem is so small in terms of statistics, Toyota won’t publicly comment. Unfortunately, they really don’t have much to say about it.

The bottom line is this: A supplier built bad parts, they got into some Tundra trucks, and those trucks have been fixed.

Wind noise, weather stripping

Another highly reported issue has been on the fit and finish of the weather stripping — or rather the lack of a proper fit. This has lead many to believe a faint whistling noise reported in the cabin is being caused by this gap in the weather stripping on the rear windows.

At the time of writing this, Toyota hasn’t announced any technical service bulletins for repair or issued a recall. However, the weather stripping clearly doesn’t fit and is too short.

The bottom line: A majority of Toyota Tundra trucks have this issue, and we expect Toyota to address it in the coming months.

Body parts fit and finish

Another area of concern for some owners is body parts fit and finish on the truck. I’ve seen several posts of poor build quality. An example of this is the two panels on the rear bumper literally showing big gaps or popping off.

Those rear bumper pieces are meant to pop on and pop off, and I suspect they got jostled around in transport. The dealers simply missed these parts during the final inspection.

The bottom line: This is a small issue with body parts fit that either you or the dealer can fix.

Infotainment system 

One of the large changes this year is the rollout of Toyota’s new infotainment system. This system will be part of all future Toyota and Lexus products. However, it hasn’t been the smoothest rollout for consumers.

New owners, like myself, have struggled getting their driver profiles setup, the app to sync and linking the keys to profiles. A big part of the problem: You must create a PIN number to access your profile, or the system will stay in guest post. This PIN request can pop up randomly, and if anything goes awry, you could end up with several weeks worth of hassle, which I detail in this video.

Toyota is making updates to this system based on my feedback and others, so I suspect this will eventually resolve itself.

The bottom line: Growing pains of new software still need to be ironed out. The good news: This should be completed via over-the-air updates.

Other 2022 Toyota Tundra problems

There have also been a variety of other issues starting with a report from one owner who lost all his brakes and rear axle thanks to some bolts not being tightened down. Others have reported error code screens to go to the dealer only to discover nothing was wrong.

Finally, there is a weird fuel gauge issue where the gauge will read empty one day, half full another and then, after filling up the tank, it will not read full on the gauge. This is likely a bad part from the supplier.

The bottom line on 2022 Toyota Tundra problems

The above are the known issues for the 2022 Toyota Tundra, however, it isn’t a complete list for some who feel like not meeting EPA mpg targets is a known issue, the truck turning off when opening the doors after remote starting the truck, paying for remote start as a part of a technology package and other complaints. Those are complaints and the above are issues.

With these issues, keep in mind, not everyone is having them and I would expect Toyota to address them all in this first model year.

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Tim Esterdahl

Automotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been a lover of trucks and SUVs for years. He has covered the industry since 2011 and has pieces in many national magazines and newspapers. In his spare time, he is often found tinkering on his '62 C10 pickup, playing golf, going hunting and hanging out with his wife and kids in Nebraska.

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  1. Tom Fulton April 19, 2022

    Toyota needs to own the wastegate issue and quit playing duck and dodge. It’s actually making it worse.

  2. M.O. April 19, 2022

    The so-called “world-beater” pickup is definitely seeing some issues. Toyota set the bar way too high for the new Tundra and fell way short.

    Tundra cheerleaders will still pretend their favorite truck is the cream of the crop, but it’s not.
    It’s just another pickup truck that has plenty of problems.

    1. George July 9, 2022

      Plenty of problems? None of these so called problems are widely known and none are a big issue. Toyota is still the dominant truck for reliability!

    2. arctic February 19, 2023

      All first-model-year cars or trucks have teething issues. Toyota is generally very quick to address the issues

  3. Eric April 20, 2022

    Great write up. I’ve bee reading about all these issues on facebook, youtube, etc. I pick up my tundra this week and hope Toyota gets ahead of these issues faster. But I trust they will take care of us all. Either way its still frustrating to see how many buyers are being affected.

    1. FL August 31, 2022

      I called Toyota brand engagement and explained the problem. I have the same problem with my JBL system in the Limited addition 2022 tundra. Apparently the dealership said it’s a possible recall issue but Toyota has not formally formulated a solution. Please call 1-800-331-4331 prompt 7 then 3 to report the problem. They answer pretty quickly.

  4. Gary Tate April 23, 2022

    I purchased a new 2022 Tundra about a month ago and it’s been back to the dealership twice now due to the engine light coming on. They contacted me today to inform me that it needs a new turbo. I’m also experiencing wind noise, and vibration in the passenger door when playing any song that has any significant base. Other than that, and the fact that they’ve had my truck as long as I have since the purchase date, all is good 🙂

  5. Dennis Echols April 29, 2022

    I had a 2013 Toyota Tundra Platinum. Bought it brand new. After just 86,000 miles, my head gaskets failed. $3,600 to repair by removing the cab. They told me at Toyota dealership that the head gaskets failed too soon. The 5.7 liter Toyota V8 was garbage. It always drank too much gas. And Toyota Customer Service wasn’t very nice to me. I traded it after the head gasket replacement, and purchased a new 2021 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 with 6.2 liter V8. This truck gets 22 MPG, combined city and highway. So glad I didn’t get on the waiting list for the 2022 Toyota Tundra. Toyota is going to regret rushing these trucks out. This crazy 2022 Tundra looks smaller than the current Toyota Tacoma. It’s no longer a full sized truck. So glad I bought the GMC Sierra Denali instead. No more Toyota’s for me.

  6. Joshua May 5, 2022


    What’s the word on the 2022 tundra stalling?

    I have one with 1007 miles and was at a stop light went to go and it just turned off middle of intersection
    Check engine light and steering wheel ! On dash lit up.

    Put in park started up drove away….. Super Dangerous for you car to just turn off while driving

    It’s happening to others if you check tundra.com

    …what the deal?

    1. Tim Esterdahl May 12, 2022

      I’ve heard of a few people now commenting on it. I’m watching it closely.

  7. Robert May 11, 2022

    Wondering if anyone has these issues: We took delivery on our 2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 approximately three weeks ago and we noticed the navigation screen does not show the speed limit, despite turning the feature on. We followed the instructions in the multimedia owners manual, page 78, and also displayed on pg.148. We have driven this truck on the interstate and multiple other roads so it can’t be that the roads are unknown to the GPS. It doesn’t matter if we have our phone paired to the truck or not. Secondly, we are here in Louisiana where it is a bit hot and humid already, 84 – 88 degrees most days and the air conditioning is less than impressive on auto. We have to put it on Auto 68 or 69 degrees to stay comfortable, this is more of a blower speed issue than temperature. When setting the temp to 68 or 69 the air coming out of the vents is less than impressive. We can manually turn the blower speed up but that defeats the “auto” mode’s purpose. Even with the blower on high speed it still does not blow as hard as any of the other 4 previous Tundras we have owned since 2007. This poor performance is on fresh air and recirculate and yes, I did pull out the cabin filter to inspect for a blockage.
    Here is another problem we were having one day and we haven’t revisited: I always set the driver’s door only to unlock automatically when shifting to park, I don’t want all the doors to unlock incase my wife is driving the truck by herself. I set this feature to driver’s door only and still ALL the doors unlock. I tried switching it back and forth a couple of times, to no avail, before just turning the feature off. I never revisited this problem so I am not sure if it has resolved itself yet. We checked for updates but there were none. FYI, we have the same problem as everyone else with the rear window weatherstrips that were designed too short.
    We haven’t contacted Toyota yet but have emailed the salesman for his thoughts. He said he has never heard of a Toyota with poor performance out of the AC.
    We hesitate to bring the truck back to the dealer as we have already done this once right after we picked the truck up. I am
    pretty anal about my vehicles and the second night, I think, when the overhead garage lights were on I could see thousands of micro scratches all over the truck’s paint. The dealer picked the truck up and brought it to a shop to have the truck buffed. We got it back the next day and it looked better but not perfect. You really have to be in bright light at night and looking at it on an angle before you can see the scratches. The fact that it is black, and I am anal, doesn’t help. Lol. So just curious if you or anyone else has had these issue?

    1. David May 20, 2022

      Our 22 Tundra has the same issue with AC

  8. Richard Broyles May 26, 2022

    When opening back passenger door automatic running board does
    Not come out. It does on all other doors. Anyone know how to fix? 2022 tundra platinum.

    1. Arthur December 13, 2022

      Just picked up a 2023 tundra and cluster panel went black twice while driving. I recorded it on video and took to dealership and they told me it was just a glitch… what a great hypothesis they provided.

  9. Jeff June 16, 2022

    This will be an expensive old truck to repair. Turbo’s won’t likely outlast the engine. Sloppy engineering to require removing the front clip just to repair or replace a turbo. I hate it when engineering gets overruled by idiots.

  10. Nick June 18, 2022

    Well this made my decision easy. I won’t be buying the tundra again. But what to buy???

  11. Wayne June 30, 2022

    Get yourself some Pinnacle Wax. It is specially designed for black and dark red colored cars. It is quite expensive, but you get at least 6-8 waxings per jar. You apply it with the direction of the airflow (not circular) and wipe it right off. Takes me roughly 45 minutes to polish my Tundra. I have used it for the past 7 years on my Tundra(s) and my wife’s black BMW. At 5 years old her BMW still looks brand new. I just sold my 2016 Tundra when I bought my Blueprint 1794 last week and the person who bought it couldn’t believe it was 6 years old. You will be very happy with the results.

  12. Tim H September 1, 2022

    Has there been any update as to what Toyota is aware of and what they are actually looking to fix? I’ve seen several people post about taking their vehicles in for service and the dealers have said it’s normal operation and aren’t making fixes. I’m waiting until 2023 MY, but Beyond the ‘expectation’ that Toyota will fix these issues, has there been any official word as to what Toyota is going to fix (beyond the waste gate and rear axle)?

  13. Eric Skogg October 17, 2022

    I noticed that Toyota does not include the Tundra in its general TV adds. Why is that? Are they halting production due to all the problems?

  14. Allen November 25, 2022

    On a thanksgiving day I was driving my 2022 Toyota Tundra from Phx to Yuma to have a pleasant family dinner, drove for an hour and half when the engine make a cracking noise and turned off, pull to the side of the highway and found out the engine oil was full of antifreeze, I don’t know yet what cause the problem but I’ll let you guys know asap I get an answer from the dealer

    1. Anonymous December 13, 2022

      Any updates on the problem?

  15. Mike January 3, 2023

    I’ve had my tundra since April 2022 and since delivery the digital rear view mirror cuts on and off with an image appearing to essentially flip the switch to no avail. The dealer has updated the software but it does nothing and is awaiting a tick from Toyota. More recently the fuel gauge issue has presented itself but I can reset that on my own. New issues are a clicking that sounds like the turn signal in short bursts while driving which the dealer can’t isolate as well as the driver side door speaker (upgraded audio JBL package) making popping noises most noticeable when turning.

  16. Gary March 21, 2023

    Bought a 2023 Toyota Tundra Limited and have been driving for the past few weeks with not a problem. Today was the first day I towed a boat. Backing up and hearing the beep sound is annoying but after getting the boat ready I was able to shift the truck but it would not move backwards or forwards. After calling my local dealer the service writer suggested to turn the engine off and start it again. At this point everything worked fine. Has any one else had problem like this?


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