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Toyota issues first official Land Cruiser teaser

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The Toyota teaserpalooza is back! This time we’re seeing a 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser teaser. Just so you’re sure this is the Land Cruiser – and not the much-anticipated new 4Runner – Toyota placed the new vehicle nose-to-nose with the OG.

Toyota announced the Land Cruiser would be returning via an Instagram reel,  and now it has released two teaser images with a 23-word press release titled: “Legend Reborn: All-New Toyota Rugged SUV is on the Horizon.”

Do you see what they did there? On the horizon? And the picture has the trucks on the, yeah, horizon.

The press release itself merely says:

With 65 years of heritage, you can choose to slow down or reinvent yourself. We chose the latter. Stay tuned for more updates.”

And, in case you were wondering, 65 refers to how long Toyota has been in the U.S., not when the original Land Cruiser first appeared (which was 1951, BTW).

Toyota Land Cruiser teaser

Toyota Land Cruiser teaser

Toyota Land Cruiser Teaser

The two images are nearly identical but have two different backdrops. In both cases, the vehicles are all but blacked out. However, we can see a strong up-right stance, the blocky Toyota nose design and space for a third row. All this fuels the fire that the new Land Cruiser will be quite similar to the already-revealed Lexus GX.

What to expect on the 2024 Land Cruiser

Since it will be built on the same body-on-frame GA-F platform as the GX, I think we’ll see some similarities in terms of the boxy shape and general size. And since the GX gets an off-road-focused Overtrail trim, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Trailhunter version of the Land Cruiser – just like we see on the new Tacoma.

We’ll see some less luxury finishing touches, though it would be nice if the Land Cruiser had a cool box. It will have an “occasional” third row and probably a similar pop-out (not roll-down) rear window.And, no, it won’t have a V-8. Since Lexus likes to differentiate via powertrains, we might not see the same twin-turbo V-6 that the GX gets, but we’d definitely expect some kind of a turbo 4 – as well as one of the Toyota Hybrid Max powertrains.

The bottom line

As we know from past Toyota teaserpaloozas, once the images start coming, the reveal isn’t far behind. We don’t have any dates to share at this time, but keep your eyes peeled. We’ll likely see a couple more teasers and a reveal within the next month or so.


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