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Toyota has doled out a couple of 2024 Land Cruiser teasers through the official Toyota USA channels, the first one was a silhouette and the second was a side shot of the nose. Now, we spied some images on the Toyota.jp website that give away several more details.

While the U.S. team isn’t outwardly sharing the information, they did give us permission to post the photos ourselves. So, here we go.

What do the 2024 Land Cruiser teasers tell us?

The short answer: Not a lot. While we don’t see a lot of detail, however, we do get a sense of the angularity of the 2024 Land Cruiser. We get a better glimpse at the headlights and taillights — though we still don’t have a clear shot of the grille. We see the squared off fender flares, splattered in mud, and get a hint of beefy off-road tires.

So, clearly this new Land Cruiser will have some off-road chops.

The only shot we see of the interior is of the gear shift area and the drive modes: H4F, H4L and L4L. We see the same modes in the 4Runner, and they stand for high-speed/high-range, free; high-speed/high range, locked; and low speed/low range, locked. We also see the separate rear locking differential button.

Though we don’t see the gearshift, we get a sense that it will be a lever rather than a dial and it will remain on the center console area.

Back in 2021, there was a 2-hour-long YouTube media briefing on EV battery strategies. And in that briefing we saw brief glimpses of a Land Cruiser-eqsue EV on stage with then-CEO Akio Toyoda. Though the vehicles won’t be identical, you do see some similarities in the angles and headlights.

2024 Land Cruiser teasers

The blue EV SUV in the background has some interesting design cues we think we’ll see in the upcoming Land Cruiser. (Image courtesy of a screen grab from the YouTube media presentation.)

The bottom line

The reveal is less than a week away, but we are certainly anxious to see the Land Cruiser in its entirety. So, we’re eating up these “secret” 2024 Land Cruiser teasers.

What do you think? Is the new Land Cruiser shaping up how you thought it would?

Editor’s note: Shout out to John Faulkner for making us aware of the Toyota.jp link with the photos. 

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