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The debut of the 2021 Ford F-150 is fast approaching, and that means an all-new teaser for the hotly anticipated truck, with Ford showcasing its LED lighting accents ahead of its June 25th unveiling.

The lone teaser image that Ford posted on Twitter shows off the lighting elements that will define the new rig. Even with the prominent blue oval emblem obscured by darkness, the truck will be immediately recognizable, with the lights forming a large rectangular shape. The top bars frame the grille, while the two lower ones flank the fog lights. With prior spy shots revealing that the truck will be more of an evolution versus an outright revolution, look for the lights to be the most prominent change that buyers will notice, especially during nighttime driving.

The interior on the other hand will be radically improved, with higher quality materials and new technology including a bigger screen for the infotainment system (in a nod to the Ram 1500’s massive unit,) as well as a fully digital instrument cluster for the first time ever. However, what has our attention are rumors that appear to suggest that the rear seat can transform into a full size bed. We are not sure how many Ford F-150 buyers formally sleep in their trucks, but the idea of a back seat bed might appeal to long haul buyers that need to meet deadlines, or perhaps families that need extra sleeping space on long trips.

With the Ford F-150 being the best selling truck on the market for the past 38 years, Ford will most likely not rock the boat too much with engines, with the familiar lineup being carried over from the 2020 model. However, Ford is working on a hybrid variant, as well as a pure EV model to help push the F-150 into the greener side of the pickup segment. We also expect the 10-speed automatic transmission to carry over too which is fine with us since it is already a good transmission to start with.

Look for all of these questions and more to be answered on June 25th when the the truck will make its virtual debut.

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