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2021 Ford F-150 Interior Leaks Its Way To The Internet


When the 2021 Ford F-150 was first spotted by intrepid spy photographers back in February, it appeared to show that Ford was taking a very calculated risk by going for a more subtle evolution versus the all out rethink that many in the industry expected. But while the exterior was forcibly dragged out into public view, the camera shy interior remained an elusive target. That has changed with several leaked photos that appear to showcase the new interior for the first time ever.

The images in question were posted at f150gen14.com by forum member Sequoia Sam who appears to be a new member of the forum. As for the images themselves, the poster claims that they are purportedly images of a 2021 Lariat grade cabin, and while the formal source of the photos is unknown, some of the evidence presented here does suggest that these could be the real deal. The evolutionary theme of the rest of the truck appears to carry through here, with the cabin having core similarities with the current offering. However, a new floor mounted shifter is very prominent, as well as an all digital instrument cluster. The infotainment screen also grows in size, and the steering wheel appears to be tweaked with a new button arraignment, though we need more angles to see if the spokes have been reworked versus the current rig.


When taken at face value, it appears that the company is trying to refrain from going too far outside the box to try and preserve the massive amount of popularity that has allowed the F-150 to remain at the top of the pickup truck segment. However, the truck is facing some strong competition from both Ram and Chevrolet. The Silverado has seen a 26 percent increase in sales, which appears to suggest that the controversial styling traits of the truck are starting to grow on people. Meanwhile, the Ram 1500 has a completely revamped interior, and it is even capable of outshining the F-150 in both material quality and design. As a result, Ram sales have grown by 18 percent, and the truck even managed to post a small gain in the first half of 2020 before the Coronavirus pandemic fully locked down the economy.

With these two trucks posting significant sales gains, Ford has to try and create a truck that is not only fresh enough to woo new truck buyers, but also retain the sizable pool of F-150 loyalists that have come to depend on the truck for all of their hauling needs. We hope that the final engine lineup will help in this regard, especially if Ford engineers have made tweaks to help them stay fresh and relevant in the hotly contested pickup truck wars. 



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