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Is the Tesla Cybertruck delayed again?


For being the first automaker to “reveal” an electric pickup, Tesla sure has run into problems when it comes to getting the Cybertruck onto the assembly line and into production. Remember when Elon Musk rolled out this Mad-Max-Thunderdome-looking monstrosity of a pickup truck during a public reveal in November of 2019? That seems like forever ago, and we still haven’t seen even a pre-production version of this truck.

We already knew battery specs and pricing information had been scrubbed from the Tesla website as it relates to the Cybertruck, but as discovered by Teslarati, the order page for the Cybertruck no longer mentions the 2022 model year at all. This only means more snags and troubles for the Cybertruck.

What challenges lie ahead for the Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been quite up front about some of the production challenges the company has faced as it relates to the Cybertruck. And at this point, with Rivian out with the R1T and Ford in pre-production on the F-150 Lightning, the ship has sailed for Tesla to have the first electric truck.

Teslarati reported that “expectations are high” that the Cybertruck will still hit production sometime in 2022, and the removal of the year from the product page is a technicality so as to not overcommit Tesla to more delays. So, when is it really coming out? The answer appears to be: “It will be out when it’s out.”

There have been several spy photos leaked of a revamped Cybertruck on the roads with side mirrors and a large wiper blade — just two areas that were questioned for safety protocols.

On Twitter, Musk admitted that he hated the wiper blade and insinuated that’s still an area for improvement.

Single, double, triple or quadruple?

Another undecided hurdle appears to be the number of motor variants for the Cybertruck. Initially the single motor variant was going to come in (allegedly) at a price less than $40k, but according to a story in Torque News, along with other outlets, the single motor variant appears to be scrapped.

In fact, there appears to be a new quadruple motor variant that’s being considered. If this rumor proves to be correct, the delay in production makes sense as Tesla gets its act together about the motor variants and the pricing. Scrapping the single motor makes some sense, but will also take away the lower price, which would’ve served as a big talking point. Conversely, adding in the quadruple motor means more range and more capability for the Cybertruck, which true truck people will want.

Range exceeding 500 miles could be in play as a result of the four-motor variant.

The bottom line on the Tesla Cybertruck

It’s hard to argue that the Cybertruck is one of the more anticipated vehicles in recent history. But come on, already. It was “revealed” in 2019, and it’s still not out. Meanwhile Ford, GM and Rivian have already gotten their electric trucks rolling.

This is always been the sticking point when Tesla is discussed. Yes, it is a disruptor to the industry — and that’s a good thing in many ways. But it also doesn’t have the decades or centuries of automotive manufacturing that companies like Ford and GM have. So, encountering hurdles or putting silly, unrealistic design features on a vehicle can cause bumps in the road.

The question is, when will the Cybertruck be out? What will it look like? And what will the range and price be? Don’t count this goofy, futuristic-looking truck yet. Musk wants it to happen, so it will. But a million orders for it? Surely, those have been cancelled out of frustration. And who can blame them?

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