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Ford F-150 Frunk Possibly Unveiled In Patent Application


Ford has big ambitions for its all electric F-150, and while we have not seen much about the upcoming model beyond its ability to pull rail cars, an interesting patent application to the U.S. Patent office which was discovered by the folks from Car and Driver appears to reveal that Ford is working on a front mounted frunk for the F-150

For those that were hoping to see a glimpse of the styling of the F-150 EV, they will not find it here, with the drawing doing its best to more closely resemble a rejected 1980’s front fascia design that was drawn with a ruler and possibly an Etch-A-Sketch during a meeting than anything that resembles the upcoming pickup. Ultimately though, the application does reveal a rather ingenious setup, with a front mounted storage area that features an opening grille to help ease access into the space. The interior of the proposed frunk will feature movable bins to help separate and distribute cargo. A bank of lights will illuminate the space, and Ford even claims that the frunk is especially suitable for an EV since it could be able to use multiple powertrain setups while still retaining the same basic front structure.

Looking at some of the fine details here, and it’s actually easy to see the basic point that Ford is trying to achieve here with the front end looking like what you would see in a traditional combustion powered vehicle which would please some folks that don’t want too radical of a styling statement. But it is still a water tight closed structure, and as such, instead of promoting air flow, the grille could be a good latch mechanism for the unit. The bins themselves have handles, and an occupant can pull them so they extend beyond the front of the vehicle. The cubbies can also pivot so that one can be moved easily out of the way to access the ones in the rear. The lights illuminating the space would activate when opening the grille, but they can also be turned on wither with the keyfob or a separate switch. A security system of some kind (possibly a proximity sensor) would activate when it senses unauthorized entry which in turn would cause the car alarm to sound.


It is unknown if this proposed frunk will make production or not, but if it does, it would certainly be a game changer in the pickup segment, especially since it would be the first time one of the domestic big three has brought one into its bread and butter pickup models.


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