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Secure Sling Slider360s Now Available Secure Your Load With No Welding And Enhanced Peace Of Mind


Looking for a cargo hauling solution that allows you to enhance the hauling capability of your pickup or trailer but without the time consuming welding that rivals require you to do to secure it snugly in place?

With the all new Secure Sling Slider360 system, it aims to deliver on its promise of enhancing cargo capability, while also simplifying the process at the same time. This is partly due to the novel super ratchet that allows enhanced fit and security thanks to its swiveling ability. This feature allows the straps to fully secure loads, especially if they are large or bulky loads that might not fit securely with conventional straps.We recently got a chance to test this product and it is pretty impressive. Check out our video:

The heart of the system is the Slider360 attachable mount point, which was designed to help provide a handy mount point to trailer or truck beds that don’t have them already installed. The Slider360 can be mounted just about anywhere, and gives customers the choice of either a traditional D-ring attachment, or even a winch type attachment. This allows buyers to increase the versatility and utility of their trailer or truck by having a mount point exactly where they need it the most. This in turn also allows them to handle a wide variety of loads especially those that would otherwise not be able to fit into a trailer or truck.

Best part of all is that the Slider360 does all this without having to be welded onto the trailer or truck it is being attached to, with the Slider360 only needing a flat surface or rail to be securely clamped too. This prevents permanent alteration of whatever surface it is attached to, and it also allows the Slider360 to be easily removed and added to another trailer or truck bed if it is needed for another task out on the job site.

Order yours today:

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