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Coming in November! What we expect from the Ram 1500 EV Concept


During the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. confirmed a fully electric Ram 1500 EV concept, called the Ram Revolution, will be shown in just a few months at the 2022 LA Auto Show

Before we get into the Ram 1500 EV, it is worth noting this announcement Koval alluded to will be part of the brand’s EV “revolution,” which includes an expected collection of battery electric trucks and vans. This Ram 1500 EV is expected to be the first vehicle.

While we don’t have any concrete information right now, we are going to make some very educated guesses about this all-new electric truck. Our question: Will it be a game changer?

Styling to mirror Ram 1500?

Our staff is split on which direction the styling for the Ram 1500 EV will go. It could be very similar to the current truck, which saves time in the design cycle. And, that could be crucial to timing since Ram is late to the electric-truck party. But after a full year of “Ram Real Talk,” which gathered customer feedback, we could also see customers being disappointed if it did look exactly like the gas model. 

On the quick-and-easy side of the spectrum, Ram could just change the grille, use different interior materials, slap some EV badges on it and call it a day. Ram has one of the best looking lineups on the market. So, the brand could be thinking: “Why mess with a good thing?”

But on the other side of the spectrum, the mock ups and sketches we’ve seen of an electric Ram look nothing like the current 1500. The overall proportions look smaller and sleeker. Plus, in an interview with Motor Trend, Koval said it would be differentiated from the conventional truck lineup. The unknown factor is how it will be different. Will the changes be subtle or dramatic? 

The question of range

The most obvious question on the Ram 1500 EV is about range. The Ford F-150 Lightning maxes out at about 320 miles of range, and the Chevrolet Silverado EV is expected to hit around 400 miles. So, the logical answer would be for the Ram 1500 EV to hit somewhere in that sweet spot. But this is also where being late to the party could be a benefit: Ram knows what the other guys are bringing to the table, so it has the opportunity to do better.

The electric Ram will be built on the STLA Large platform, which will have a range up to 500 miles. The Detroit Three are notorious for their truck wars with an automaker announcing a capacity, and the next one topping it incrementally. So, it’s easy for us to see at least one version of the Ram 1500 EV topping 400 miles of range — though 500 miles might be a stretch because of aerodynamics and battery size. 

With any EV range, though, keep in mind that’s the EPA estimated range, and real-world range usually comes in lower than that — especially in the winter time. And towing? Yeah, towing is going to be a challenge with electric trucks due actual range and a public charging infrastructure that is not conducive to accepting trucks with trailers.

Start below $40k? Nope

Price is going to be a big part of this Ram 1500 EV with businesses needing an inexpensive model and consumers wanting the most range and features for the buck. 

Historically, EVs have been more expensive to buy than a conventional gasoline vehicle. However, Ford flipped that narrative on its head when they offered a $40k Lightning — which quickly had Chevy quoting a base price of around $40k for it’s base Silverado EV. While Chevy is still holding the pricing line on its unreleased electric truck, the Ford Lightning increased by several thousand dollars for the second model year. 

The big question then, is IF Ram will fight the lowest-price-point-wins battle with Chevy and Ford. Our guess is it won’t — especially since Chevy will have likely raised its price on the Silverado EV by the time the Ram 1500 EV hits the streets. Ram will be similarly priced to be competitive, but we imagine its low price will be around $50k — especially since it will be the new kid on the block in the EV development game and Ram doesn’t sell as many trucks as Ford and Chevy. Ram simply can’t spread out its expenses over years or a number of vehicles like Ford and Chevy will do to keep costs down.

Tech galore

One thing you can be certain of is the higher trimmed Ram 1500 EV will have the most technology ever offered in a Ram truck. 

Why shove all that tech into a truck? Simple: The EV buyer is a lot different than the ball-cap, blue-jean, work-boot truck buyer. They love the tech and can’t get enough of it. 

Expect the high trim to be a rolling supercomputer filled with more luxury finishes than a standard Mercedes-Benz sedan with a six-figure price point to boot.

There will still be an entry-level work truck and some mid-grade trims, and we’d expect those trims to be filled with tech gadgets and better materials as well. 

The bottom line

Coming late to the party isn’t that big of a deal IF Ram can actually deliver these new electric trucks with any sort of volume or on time. We also feel like Ram will have to bring something extra special since it had more time to plan and more time to learn from the competition.

Currently, the electric truck segment is seeing all manufacturers struggling to produce vehicles. It isn’t always the truck that’s the best that wins the sales race; often it is the truck you can actually get.

Managing Editor Jill Ciminillo contributed to this report.

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