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Ford F-150 Lightning first-drive – is this F-150 hybrid owner sold?


What happens when Tim “the Truck Guy” Esterdahl finally gets behind the wheel of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning? Well, he gets a little grouchy. However, he owned a PowerBoost Hybrid F-150 last year, and he does like the F-150 in general. In this F-150 Lightning first-drive video, he’ll answer the following questions: Is it overrated by most journalists who drive it? Is it worth the money? Can Managing Editor Jill Ciminillo make it through the drive without strangling him? Watch the video to find out!

It’s expensive and you have to remember to plug it in

This is the Lariat trim with the extended range battery which bumps the range from 230 miles to 320 miles for an extra $10k. This truck costs $67k, and it’s not a premium trim. Basically, whichever trim you choose, plan on the Lightning costing you $10k more than the gas version. When asked if he’d buy the truck, one of Esterdahl’s hangups is that he’d have to remember to plug it in every night just like his cell phone and laptop. (insert eye roll from Ciminillo.)

If you own an EV, we’d love to hear how many times you’ve forgotten to plug in and whether or not this is a legitimate concern for a potential customer.

Esterdahl underwhelmed by the frunk

Let me just say, Esterdahl is wrong here. The frunk is AWESOME. Covered, lockable storage so you don’t have to put your groceries on the floor in the back seat, or try to fit them in around the kids. This is a game changer for families who drive a pickup truck as their daily driver. And Ciminillo agrees with me. But Esterdahl seems to think he wouldn’t use it that much or that it’s not a big deal.

If you think he’s wrong (like we do), tell us in the comments.

F-150 Lightning first-drive ride and handling impressions

It’s boring? Just wait until you see what Ciminillo has to say to Esterdahl when he says he finds the drive boring. He does like the ride and handling and says it feels like a regular F-150, just faster.

Basically, we could cut this video into two parts, Esterdahl’s and Ciminillo’s, and you’d have two completely different opinions. We’re interested to see what you think of this F-150 Lightning first drive video review and whether you’re #TeamJill or #TeamTim?

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