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Last year, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning made its debut with the biggest bang being the starting price of $40,000 on the Pro model. Many media outlets have lauded this amazing price for a full-size truck, but here’s the question: Can you actually get one?


The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is quite the engineering and technology feat with impressive ride quality, off-the-line speed and driving dynamics thanks to a shifted center of gravity with the location of the battery. Add in the lockable frunk (front trunk) with power outlets, a 9.6kW power-on-board system and the larger infotainment screen with the ability to help map out charging stations while towing to help reduce range anxiety, and it is quite the new-age truck.

Plus, there’s that $40k price point. The base Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, with 230 miles of range, makes an electric truck a realistic option for a lot of consumers — that is, if you can get one.

Is a $40k Ford F-150 Lightning Pro available for retail? 

If you would like to buy this $40k Lightning, the natural assumption would be to head to your local Ford dealer and simply place an order. At least, that was my assumption. So I called the local dealer only to be told, no, I couldn’t order one. Wait, what?

At my insistence, the sales manager called the area manager and was told, no, a retail customer can’t order one because it is only for commercial fleets.

But it’s available to configure on the consumer website, so clearly there’s some confusion — both for customers and dealers.

We’d heard some murmurs about the inability to order a Pro model while we were at the F-150 Lightning first drive, and we asked Ford execs at that time if retail customers could place an order for a Pro, and the answer was: Yes, but only for the standard-range battery.

OK. So, why am I being told I can’t place an order for the base Pro? Well, similar to how the Ford Maverick Hybrid “sold out” for the first model year, the base Lightning Pro got snapped up pretty quickly.

“There is an allocation of Pro with standard-range battery for retail customers,” Emma Bergg said, Ford Electric Vehicle Communications. “However, it is not as simple as saying a customer can go to a dealer and get one – as you know we have a wave process with reservation holders being invited to convert to an order over time.”

To translate: Retail customers could buy the base $40k Pro with the standard-range battery if their reservation order came due in time to get the first-year allocation, but the vehicle is sold out for the 2022 model year. Bergg did say order banks for the 2023 model will open up sometime this summer.

To be clear: The 300-mile extended-range Lightning Pro is a commercial-only option at the time of publishing this post. The 230-mile standard range is not.

The bottom line

What’s the answer, then? You have to get lucky. For now.

Consumers can order one of these trucks if they hit the order bank timing just right. If they don’t, then it’s on to the next trim level up, the XLT, which starts at around $54k. Yeah, that’s $14k more than the Pro.

So either get lucky, be patient or pony up the cash for the higher trim model. Not great choices for consumers who want that truck sooner rather than later.

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  1. Kevin October 28, 2022

    Got a call from Novato Ford my lightening was available
    Went to dealer only model they had in stock was a Lariat $75k plus additional $40k markup by dealer due to high demand , $115k total . Walked out of dealer without buying, got an email next day they came down to $94k out the door still way to expensive for me was willing to soend $60k max, I guess ill have to wait for the chevy silverado electric truck to get the price i want


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