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Sticker shock? Ford F-150 Lightning prices are out

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Talk about stealing thunder. General Motors is set to reveal the Chevrolet Silverado EV tomorrow, and Ford Motor Co. quietly posted prices for the F-150 Lightning on its consumer website today.

You gotta love the crosstown rivalry.

So, more on the Silverado EV later, but for now: How about that $93k+ price tag on the top trim of Ford’s all electric pickup truck?

F-150 Lightning prices

Let’s get the actual prices out of the way first. You’ve got four trims – one intended more for commercial use, and three with a consumer focus. Destination, included in the pricing below is $1,695. So, here’s the breakdown of base prices:

  • Pro: $41,669, standard-range battery only
  • XLT: $54,669, standard-range battery; $74,169, extended-range battery
  • Lariat: $69,169, standard-range battery; $79,169, extended-range battery
  • Platinum: $92,569, extended-range battery only

The extended-range battery is a $9,500 to $10,000 add depending on trim, which I find interesting because the XLT gets the lower cost as well as more estimated range. If you tap on the footnote for the battery, it says XLT extended range is 300 miles, but the Lariat is 280. No estimated range is given for Platinum.

Another interesting thing to note, there aren’t really any options available on the Platinum trim, so it’s a WYSIWYG. Sure, you can add accessories like a bed divider or tool box, but even if you went crazy with accessories, you’re probably not going to top $96k.

How would we spec it?

For us, the extended-range battery is a must. So, that immediately pushes our base price up by about $10k. But the $93k price tag and all the whistles and bells would be a little much for us – though the up-level leather seating surfaces and active motion (aka massaging) seats would be nice. So, basically it comes down to XLT or Lariat with the extended range battery and $15k price jump.

The XLT trim with the extended-range battery is well equipped, and if you’re not into fancy tech or extra-large screens, you could do well with that trim. It includes a 360-degree camera, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, power tailgate, 9.6 kW Pro Power Onboard and an interior work surface.

All good things.

But here’s going to be the big differentiator: BlueCruise. If you want this hands-free technology available to you (free initially then a subscription at some point), you have to get the Lariat with the extended-range battery – as far as we could tell it’s not an option with the standard range.

Other features you’ll get on this mid-level trim include a twin-panel moonroof, Ford’s phone as key option, second row heated seats, a 15.5-inch portrait info screen, power up/down tailgate, B&O sound system, heated-and-ventilated front seats and wireless charging.

In the quick spin we took through the configurator, these standard items on the Lariat aren’t available even as options on the XLT.

So, yeah. We’d opt for the Lariat, extended range at about $80k. I could see Publisher Tim Esterdahl adding the Max Trailer Tow Package ($865) and the Tow Technology Package ($1,395), but all I’d need is the Tough Bed spray-in bedliner ($595), and I’d be happy.

Pricing comparo

While those $80k or $93k numbers might seem a bit sticker shocky, we can’t say we’re too surprised. The Rivian R1T’s base price is $67,500, without any known destination fee. The base battery range is 314 miles.

So, this is more than the price of the XLT trim with the comparable extended-range battery.

Rivian’s configurator is still in pre-production mode, so we don’t see any “trims” or destination fees, but we do know you can add paint color for $1,500, an off-road upgrade for $2,000 and an at-home charger for $500 – among other adventure and camping accessories. So, like the F-150 Lighting, prices can build quickly.

One area Rivian does beat Ford is with the hands-free driving tech. Rivian’s Driver+ BlueCruise equivalent is standard on all models.

Want one more comparison? Well, the base price for the GMC Hummer EV is $79,995, but you won’t be able to get that model until 2024. What’s available coming up this fall is the top-tier $99,995 Hummer EV 3X.

The bottom line on Ford F-150 Lightning pricing

Frankly, we think Ford did a pretty good job with its pricing on the first mass-produced electric truck. You have a Pro model that has a ton of work functionality and all that good greenness for just more than $40k. Then you have a decently equipped model with an extended-range battery priced below the only other electric truck already available.

In my book, that’s a win.

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