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Train Derailment Destroys New Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra and Jeep Gladiator Pickups


A train derailment in Nevada has created quite a stir with brand new pickups spilling out of the train cars. Beware, the images are shocking to truck fans.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada posted this pictures to inform the public to avoid the area until the mess is cleaned up. While the public service announcement is a great idea, the truck guys in us are saddened by what we witnessed.

These brand new trucks are completely destroyed and will almost assuredly be totaled out by insurance companies.

Fortunately, a few junkyards will have a new assortment of parts.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are on average about 1,500 train derailments every year down significantly from the 1980s. Most of these are low speed derailments which don’t really have much damage – think of them like a flat tire. The high speed derailments are the ones that make the news.

The Washington Post highlights a good analogy on this, which comes from George Bibel’s book Train Wreck: The Forensics of Rail Disasters:

Most derailments are relatively benign, and can be compared to a person walking down the street, tripping, getting back up, and continuing on her or his way. Unless derailed cars crash into houses, strike passenger trains, or release hazardous material into a neighborhood, derailments do not normally affect civilians.

Also, most new vehicles are shipped across the country from railheads outside of automotive plants to railheads in major cities where the vehicles are then loaded onto transport semis. These semis deliver the vehicles to dealerships. Again, this is for most vehicles and it can differ depending on the situation.

In any event, this is a sad day for truck fans and especially those who might have special ordered a truck. They will now have to wait a little longer to get their new pickup.


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