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The original Defender 110 is a legend among adventurers, and an icon in the world of bespoke go anywhere SUVS. This is partially due to its impressive off-road capabilities, as well as how flexible its old school body on frame platform is when it comes to customization. While we have seen various 110 based creations over the years, Himalaya’s attempt at redefining this classic certainty has our attention.


“The Defender 110 Crew Cab is a special project for our team because of the unique nature of the build and configuration,” says Himalaya President Greg Shondel. “Himalaya utilizes the finest sourced body panels and frames and then completely customizes the powertrain and interior based on customer preference. The 110 is perfect for any customer looking to conquer any and all off-road terrain in total style and comfort.”

So how does Himalaya achieve this balanced mixture of off and on-road capability? It all starts underneath the retro inspired skin, with Himalaya engineers adding an all new fuel system and a four wheel disc braking system to help improve daily usability. As for the exterior, the front half is pure Defender, but the rear has been modified with a small truck bed to help achieve the full crew cab look. As expected from such a beast, knobby off-road tires and impressive off-road hardware are part of the package, and help the rig blast through any terrain.

Meanwhile, the interior ditches the pure functional look of old Defenders, and instead chooses to take a dip into the luxury side of the swimming pool, with custom black diamond stitched leather seats greeting occupants once they have a chance to snuggle themselves in. A modern dashboard from Puma and carbon fiber accents bring a splash of the future to the Defender, while a Momo leather steering wheel and a custom Alpine touchscreen audio system further enhance the luxury undertones baked into this creation.


But the figurative cherry on top is found under the engine bay where a new motor makes itself at home. In this case, it is the vaunted LS3 motor sourced from the Chevrolet Corvette, with the tweaked motor producing 525 horsepower and 495 lb-ft of torque. This is a sizable boost over the 430 horsepower the engine produces in its stock form, and lucky owners should have no problem finding gobs of power through out the rev band. Lastly, the addition of the LS V8 also helps Himalaya keep costs down since they do have a reputation for bringing plenty of reliability and muscle to go with their value focused price tags.

Transmission offerings are unknown at this stage in the game, but we suspect that Himalaya chose to put in an automatic transmission to help really drive home the point of this particular vehicle being a balanced offering catering to both on and off-road minded clientele.


Himalaya also revealed that the Defender 110 Crew Cab is available now, but be prepared to pay the $250,000 base price for the privilege of adding one of these monsterous rigs to your garage. Those that do will not only get a potent conversation starter, but also the security of a two year or 24,000 mile warranty for both the engine and the transmission.



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