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Blizzard Blue Nissan Armada Tows Track-Equipped Nissan 370Zki


Blizzard Blue Nissan Armada Tows Track-Equipped Nissan 370ZkiCreating even more buzz with its lineup, Nissan is taking its vehicles to another level of capability and speed. Yeah, speed. Like 370z on tracks fast and capability with a wicked looking Armada.

The pictures speak for themselves with the Nissan Armada equipped with gear most soccer mom vehicles only dream of. It has a light bar, Smittybilt with 12,000 lbs winch and a very cool wrap.
Blizzard Blue Nissan Armada Tows Track-Equipped Nissan 370Zki
Capable of towing 8,500 lbs with the 5.6L Endurance V8, the Armada could easily haul the Nissan 370Zki – speed+tracks=fun convertible. This vehicular snow mobile can likely carve up the snow much like the regular 370z and it is crazy, cool looking with its own orange wrap.

Blizzard Blue Nissan Armada Tows Track-Equipped Nissan 370ZkiCombined the color schemes and the aftermarket gear certainly make both vehicles look decidedly cooler than stock. We only wish the Armada would be offered like this stock from factory. Maybe then, it would gain the same badass reputation its cousin – the Patrol – enjoys overseas.

Blizzard Blue Nissan Armada Tows Track-Equipped Nissan 370ZkiNissan says the vehicles will be on display at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show starting on February 10-19 at the McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. They also say they plan on making it literally snow inside the convention hall. Now that we HAVE to see!

From the press release: 

As for the transformation from showroom stock to full Snow Patrol outfitting, the focus was on fitting more aggressive wheels and tires – and outfitting the exterior with the tools for extreme winter driving. “With its rugged fully-boxed ladder frame, powerful V8, advanced all-wheel drive system and easily engaged Snow Mode setting on the 4WD Mode Control dial, Armada is ready to tackle the most adverse climate situations. The Armada Snow Patrol takes it to the next level,” said Billy Hayes, division vice president, Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, Nissan North America, Inc.

The project build started with the installation of a complete suspension lift kit from Pro Comp – giving additional clearance for the new 35-inch tall Pro Comp MT2 maximum traction extreme off-road tires. The new tires are mounted on 20×9-inch Cognito Series 61 wheels with a Satin Black milled finish.

To help safely navigate backwoods trails, the Armada Snow Patrol’s front end was beefed up with a Smittybilt off-road bumper with grille protector bar and winch mount with 12,000-pound capacity winch. Helping light the Snow Patrol’s way is a roof-mounted DR36 double row LED light bar with flood and spot capabilities, along with a pair of grille-mounted 5-inch LED round motorsports lights.

M-1A running boards/rock sliders were added to help prevent road debris damage, and to supplement the Armada’s large interior cargo space, a one-piece Defender rack was mounted to the roof.

Inside, premium leather-wrapped front seats with pearl color surfaces and cement color perforated inserts, cobalt color wings, contrasting cobalt stitching and Armada Snow Patrol logo seatback inserts were added. A custom body wrap by Icon Image Graphics, with special Armada Snow Patrol logo, was the final touch.

“The Armada Snow Patrol project was completed using readily available aftermarket parts – thanks especially to Pro Comp and Katzkin – showing owners how easy it is to take their family adventures to the next level even in some of winter’s most severe conditions,” said Hayes. “We think this vehicle is going to attract a lot of attention among visitors to the Chicago Auto Show.”


Modification Supplier
Wheels – Cognito Series 61

20×9, Satin Black milled

Pro Comp
Tires – Pro Comp MT2 maximum traction extreme off-road, 35×12.50R20 Pro Comp
Suspension lift kit – 2-inch front/1-inch rear level lift Pro Comp
Off-road bumper – M1A2 with grille protector bar, XRC 12,000-lb winch Smittybilt
Side steps – M1A2 Smittybilt
Fog lights – 5-inch LED round motorsports lights Pro Comp
Light Bar – Explorer Lighting S4 LED Cube and LED light bars Pro Comp
Sport overfenders – M-1 fender flares with 2-inches extra tire coverage, stainless steel rivets Smittybilt
Roof rack – Defender one-piece, 4’ x 4’ Smittybilt
Weather shields Nissan Australia
Front seats – Premium leather-wrapped front seats, pearl color with cement color perforated inserts and cobalt wings and contrasting stitching, Armada Snow Patrol logo seatback inserts Katzkin
Geometric body wrap Icon Image Graphics
All-weather floor liners Weather Tech
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