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The Mercedes-Benz GLE certainly has plenty of variety when you look at the models that are available. In the United States, for instance, buyers can choose from four different models before crossing into AMG territory (excluding the GLE coupe variants.) However, the lone missing denominator is an ultra luxurious, Maybach-badged model for those that want to cross into a higher plane of luxury.

Mercedes-Benz is not officially building one, but if you’re a buyer that craves more, the tuning firm Hofele might have the next best thing to offer.

Dubbed the HGLE, the custom creation shares its roots with the stock GLE, but that is where the similarities end, and the wild differences that make the Hofele stand out from the rest of the pack truly begin to take shape. The exterior is slathered in an attractive two-tone paint scheme, and the massive wheels do their best Maybach impression, especially when combined with the enhanced amounts of chrome trim that are present here. A distinctive radiator grille at the front steals a page from the Hofele Ultimate HGLS, and it serves a s a very potent exclamation point to the HGLE’s bold styling exercise.

However, it’s the interior of the HGLE that will ultimately succeed in turning heads and dropping jaws — all in one fell swoop.

Every inch of the interior is covered in luxurious Napa and Alcantara leather accents, while the rear luggage compartment features a high gloss wood floor with aluminum contrast trim. Perhaps not the most practical materials to use back there, but Hofele designers were keen on making every inch of the HGLE a rolling canvas of art. Hofele chose to not get into details regarding performance, but we suspect that Hofele engineers have added some of their magic to the engine to help make the HGLE have just as much go to back up the checks written by its elegant styling.

Speaking of checks, look for your wallet to be considerably lighter after you order your HGLE. Hofele has not released any official pricing details as of yet, but its important to note that a stock GLE 450 4MATIC starts at $77,600. The vehicle the tuning firm chose to feature in its press photography is also based on the 450, and that could mean that pricing could go as high as $100,000.

However, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, with Hofele revealing that all trims of GLE are covered by this package — and that includes the ultra-powerful AMG models.

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