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2023 Chevy Colorado spy photos. No more diesel?


There have been a lot of Chevy news and spy photos circulating recently. In addition to the just-revealed refreshed Silverado 1500, we got to see some spy shots of the 2023 Silverado HD, and now we have 2023 Chevy Colorado spy photos to oooh and ahhh over. Publisher Tim Esterdahl walks us through the photos in this video, comparing them to the current model year.

Is the 2023 Chevy Colorado taking after big brother?

The first thing we notice about these spy photos is the new lighting setup. These lights look a lot like the lights we saw on the spy photos from the 2023 Silverado HD. And it appears the grille may change a bit, too. We’re curious to see how much that will look like the new grille we’re seeing on the updated Silverado. The biggest change seems to be the removal of the large plastic section of bumper at the bottom of the front grille.

Expecting all-new exterior and interior

Since the Silverado just got a complete makeover, it makes sense the Colorado is next. In these heavily camouflaged photos, it’s hard to see just what all will change, but we expect more than just a refresh on the outside. And for the interior, we’re hoping for an all-new look, larger touch screen and more comfortable seats.

We think it’s also safe to assume that the suite of safety features we’re seeing on the new Silverado will also be added to the 2023 Chevy Colorado.

Are midsize trucks making a comeback?

Honda just updated the Ridgeline, making it more practical and comfortable than ever before. And in the next few months to a year, we are expecting to hear news of an all-new Ford Ranger, the next generation of the Toyota Tacoma and, of course, a new GMC Canyon. So, we have to wonder, once again, if Ram ever bring back the Dakota.

The bottom line on the 2023 Chevy Colorado

It will likely be the first quarter of 2022 before we see the 2023 model year unveiled, so we have a lot of speculating to do between now and then. One of the big questions we’re seeing on forums is whether or not the truck will lose the diesel engine option. Many are expecting all the current engine options to go away and be replaced with the 2.7 liter 4-cylinder engine from the Silverado. What say you?


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