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Security Never Felt So Luxurious, Brabus Unveils 789 Horsepower Brabus Invicto SUV


Are you a VIP that is looking for the best balance of luxury and security? Or someone that needs an extra degree of assurance when going through your nearest war zone? If either of those scenarios fit you perfectly, the mad scientists at German tuner Brabus may have just the thing for you, a rig that can repel gunfire and even grenade atacks.


Dubbed the Invicto, it starts life as a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, but Brabus revealed that it was designed to excel in protection and escort missions. As a result, the tuning firm chose to go all out in transforming it into a secure box on wheels. Brabus revealed that transforming a vehicle into an armored car can be easy or difficult depending on which method is used. In the case of Brabus, it chose (unsurprisingly) the latter method, and made sure that no stone was left untouched. Instead of merely welding reinforced panels onto the SUV, Brabus actually integrates the armor into the Invicto. This is done by completely taking the vehicle apart, with some of the components being made via a specialized 3D printer. Brabus chose not to release detailed information of exactly what armor materials are used (for the sake of security) but the company did reveal that all the additions only increased weight by 2,200 lbs. This transformation also earned a VR6+ blast protection rating, which means the Invicto not only can survive shots from an AK-47 machine gun, but also blasts from 30 pounds of TNT and even grenade attacks.

However, the 8,400 lb curb weight that results from the add-ons forced Brabus to redesign the entire chassis and reinforce the frame to not only ensure that it retains its handling dynamics, but also to prevent the Invicto from collapsing under its own weight. The interior is also ready for duty, with the Invicto coming with bulletproof vest compatible seats, an intercom system, an on board firefighting system, and auxiliary roof lights. But Brabus made sure that luxury was not left on the back burner, and buyers that prefer to add a dash of elegance to their protective cocoon can equip the interior with soft leather accents, exotic wood accents, and even a full body kit. Without the fore-mentioned kit, the Invicto can be mistaken for a stock G63 though the roof mounted escape hatch will certainly start plenty of conversations.

But no mistaken identity is found under the hood, where Brabus engineers completely overhauled the oily bits. The 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 is still present, but numerous upgrades helps the engine crank out 789 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. The stock automatic transmission is also carried over, but we suspect that it has been fortified and tweaked to help the system cope with the extra power and weight.


As expected, all of this performance, luxury, and protection does not come cheap, with a base Invicto starting at €354,600 which translates to $388,000 when conversion rates are applied. That is a noticeable jump over a normal G63 which starts at $156,450, but Brabus is confident that financial hurdle will not stop its target audience from taking the plunge for their protection and security needs.  


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  1. danicolin May 27, 2020

    This looks amazing. I have to check videos about this.


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