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The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT price is out for the higher end 3WT and 4WT trims — and it is quite a bit higher than originally thought.

The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV is the Avalanche-looking truck with 400 miles of range and some trick features with the mid-gate folding down allowing for longer items to be loaded. It is expected to come in a variety of trims for work truck shoppers as well as the higher-end RST First Edition models. You can read more about the evolution of electric vehicles and where it is headed here at evspeedy.com.

What’s the price?

According to GMAuthority.com, pricing for the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV 3WT trim starts at $74,800, including a $1,895 destination fee. The 4WT trim comes in at $79,800, including the destination fee.

This pricing is a far cry from the initial announcement of the base WT trim starting at $41,595 including a $1,695 destination fee.

GM said the work truck would tow just 8,000 pounds, but would have 400 miles of range. It also announced a work truck with 20,000 pounds of towing will come later as well as a RST, Trail Boss and other trims to fill out the lineup.

What are the 3 and 4 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT trims?

Most Chevy products offer different trims that are often separated by numbers. In the case of the Chevy Silverado electric truck, there will be a 3WT and a 4WT trims available.

These trims will come with items like dual-zone automatic climate control, an 8-inch Driver Information Center, six-speaker audio system, 11-inch center touchscreen and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, according to GMAuthority.com.

It is expected there will be more base level WT trims without these features coming.

The bottom line

While these prices are a far cry from that low initial base price, we expect to see price increases for the next few years with mineral mining ramping up to increase the supply of key materials, such as Lithium, for the batteries. That is to say, we haven’t heard the final word the Silverado EV pricing — especially since we just witnessed an $8k price hike with the base Ford F-150 Lightning in a year.

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GM says it expects to start production next year of the Silverado electric trucks, and we should have a more definite answer on all pricing when they start rolling off the assembly line.

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