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The future of wiper blades? Jeep Performance Parts new wiper


A windshield wiper blade has been a key part of vehicles going back decades with little changes until now. The new Jeep Performance Parts wiper has been developed with better clearing power using less fluid — and it just might be greatest innovation for wiper blades in decades.

Now before you go and ditch all of your car wash supplies, note that the Jeep Performance Parts wiper blade will only do so much. So hold onto that car shampoo and wash mitt because you are still going to need them once you are done slinging some mud.

However, when out on the trail, this ingenious design acts just like a traditional wiper blade, but with one rather genius innovation: 12 laser-cut holes along each blade for applying washer fluid.

How does the Jeep Performance Parts wiper work?

Simply put, the laser-cut holes allow windshield washer fluid to be applied through them resulting in better coverage of fluid on the windshield.

Jeep Performance Parts wiper

More specifically, the wet jet in the blades allows washer fluid to be applied along the entire length of the wiper operation and uses less fluid while doing a better job of washing dirt and debris away on the first stroke.

Another benefit of this system is it reduces the time the windshield becomes flooded with fluid causing you to spend less “blind seconds,” as Jeep calls, it waiting for the wipers to push away the fluid.

Jeep Performance Parts wiper

New performance wiper blades from Jeep Performance Parts and Mopar feature 12 laser-cut holes along each blade, creating wet jets that release washer fluid along the entire length, flooding the dirty windshield glass as the blade travels along its arc.

Finally, Jeep engineers tested these water jets within the blades at negative 22-degrees Fahrenheit and, according to Dan Reid from Mopar Communications, the blade worked well with no leaks and no problem with fluid delivery.

The Jeep Performance Parts performance wiper kit (Mopar part number PW100013AB) is available now in the U.S. and Canada (coming soon to other markets) for 2018 model-year and newer Jeep Wrangler and Jeep
Gladiator models. The kit contains arms, blades and tubing required for initial installation, as well as one set of replacement blades and is available to purchase through the Mopar e-Store.

U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $140.

The bottom line

Windshield wipers are often an overlooked part of your vehicle, and these new wipers deserve some attention for their creative approach to addressing the “driving blind” problem as well as the overuse of fluid from traditional wet jets mounted in the vehicle’s cowl. This should be on the modification list for Jeep owners across the country.

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