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Rollaway concerns prompt 3M-vehicle Ford recall


A damaged or missing bushing is being blamed for a Ford vehicle recall impacting nearly 3 million SUVs, vans and sedans. Here’s what you need to know.

Ford Motor Co. issued the recall for a gear-shifting defect impacting 2013-19 Escape, 2013-18 C-Max, 2013-16 Fusion, 2013-21 Transit Connect and 2015-18 Edge vehicles. The total recall number is 2.9 million U.S. vehicles.

What is the 3M Ford vehicle recall about?

The vehicles listed above could have a damaged or missing bushing, which prevents them from shifting into the intended gear and might allow the vehicle to move unexpectedly.

For example, Ford says the affected vehicles could roll away even after the driver puts the vehicle in “park,” increasing the risk of injury or a crash. The automaker says it knows of four reports of alleged injury.

“Additionally, if a vehicle is turned off in a transmission gear state other than ‘park,’ regardless of the gear shift lever position, the engine will not restart,” Ford said in the report filed to the National Highway Transportation Agency.

Beyond the four reports of injury, Ford says there are also six reports of alleged property damage and 1,630 warranty reports.

Ford has yet to find the cause of the defect and says it could be related to the heat and humidity, which cause the bushing to degrade.

This bushing will be replaced by dealers, and they will add a protective cap over the shift cable bushing to prevent it from happening again.

Ford says dealers were notified on Monday, June 13, 2022. Vehicle owners will be notified starting on June 27, 2022.

The bottom line

Nobody loves taking their vehicle in for recall work, but also nobody likes it when a vehicle doesn’t stay put either. This is a pretty serious recall and owners should have this fixed promptly.

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