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Lincoln Star Concept: The precursor to 4 new Lincoln EVs

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This week, Lincoln Motor Co. debuted its Star concept, and while it does give a hint at what’s to come in Lincoln EVs, based on the digital interior images, we’d have to surmise this is truly a concept and not a close-to-production vehicle. However, with Lincoln stating it will deliver three new all-electric vehicles by 2025 and another one to follow in 2026, there’s surely a lot they aren’t telling us.

However, there are a few things we can pull from the concept that we believe we’ll see in the actual production versions of Lincoln EVs.

Available in rear- and all-wheel drive

The press release talks about Lincoln’s “flexible battery electric architecture” and specifically references rear- and all-wheel-drive capability. So, we anticipate base models will be RWD and will likely have more range. But the AWD variants will likely have more power and an extended-range battery pack so that it’s comparable to the RWD models in terms of range.

The Lincoln EVs will be smart

Technology seems to advance by leaps and bounds these days, and it appears the Lincoln EVs will be no exception. In addition to the Ford Motor Co. CoPilot 360 safety tech we’ve come to expect on Ford and Lincoln vehicles, it appears there will be a new level of autonomy available as Lincoln is planning both vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity as well as vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity. This means the EVs will not only be able to talk to other cars on the road, they will also be able to talk to the grid – aka they’ll know when lights are turning red or green and can plan speed accordingly.

Lincoln also called out driver-assist functionality with specific names: Help Me See and Park For Me. While there aren’t any details available here, we foresee things like night vision and autonomous parking capabilities.

Lincoln EVs

Quiet Flight to the extreme

These new Lincoln EVs will continue the “Quiet Flight” theme of the current gas-engine vehicles, which means there will be a sumptuous interior with plush materials and an ultra-silent cabin.

Lincoln will also add “rejuvenation moods” with scents, sounds and ambient lighting to set a scene. The three specific themes referenced include: Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality and Evening Chill.

There will be a frunk

While a lot of EVs have a front trunk (“frunk”), not all of them do. However, it appears Lincoln plans to include one in its EVs. The execution of the frunk, however, is still in question. The press release talks about an electro-chromatic glass that separates from frunk from the passenger space to create a feeling of spaciousness. But our brains immediately jump to crumple zones and firewalls, so we’re not sure if this is actually possible or a flight of fancy.

The bottom line on the Lincoln EVs

There’s no question the Lincoln EVs will be visually delightfully – inside and out. They’ll have the latest technology and, likely, some serious semi-autonomous features. But beyond that, the Lincoln Star Concept is a fanciful iteration of what’s to come. But 2025 is going to be here sooner than we know, so I expect some real details to emerge on Lincoln EVs within the next year.

So, stay tuned for more to come.

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