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2022 Lincoln Navigator: Hands-free driving added, 5 other things to know

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The Lincoln Navigator took the full-size SUV segment by storm when it was redesigned for the 2018 model year. It won all the awards and set the bar for all the refreshed SUVs that followed. Now, four years later, and it has reached the point in its lifecycle where it’s time for a refresh. So, on the 2022 Navigator, you’ll see an updated grille, a new sequential lighting effect for the rear taillights and larger display screens as well as some nice technology additions.

Here are the six most important things to know about the 2022 Lincoln Navigator.

Go hands-free

The biggest update, other than the refreshed styling, is the addition of hands-free, highway only driving capability. Called ActiveGlide, this system will operate similarly to Super Cruise, which we’ve seen on General Motors vehicles.

Once engaged, the driver can take hands off the wheel and foot off the pedals as the vehicle will control speed and steering through the combination of adaptive cruise control and lane centering technology. This system can be activated in what Lincoln is calling “Blue Zones,” which constitutes more than 130k miles of prequalified highways across North America – so not just the U.S.

Don’t mistake this for eyes-off-the-road driving, though. There is currently no fully autonomous vehicle on the road, and this system requires you to keep your eyes on the road – and it’ll make sure you do so via an infrared camara pointed at your eyes.

Same powertrain, less HP

In a weird quirk of fate, the 2022 Navigator keeps the same engine, but rather than adding horsepower, it actually loses 10 horsepower. So, you’re looking at a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine that delivers 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque.

During a Q-and-A session, Lincoln execs basically said the loss of horsepower is unnoticeable, and the difference isn’t perceived at all. So, we’re not sure why they did this, but apparently, you won’t be able to tell.

Fire TV

The 2022 Navigator gets a whole host of nice tech updates, the first of which involves the rear-seat entertainment. The system comes with dual 10.1-inch screens and wireless Bluetooth headphones, and rear-seat passengers will have the ability to watch individual programs.

This new Lincoln Play system gets a special Fire TV system, which will allow passengers to watch Prime Video, play games and listen to music. The system also has multiple inputs including HDMI, USB-C and SD.

Yes, that means you can bring your Xbox on a road trip.

Other tech features of note include wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Sync 4, Amazon Alexa and a whole host of standard safety features.

2022 Navigator

Second-row sanctuary

This is the back seat I wish I had access to when I was a kid. In addition to a multitude of rear-seat entertainment options, the seats themselves are place any rear passenger would want to spend some quality time.

In addition to their own HVAC controls, rear-seat passengers will get the royal treatment with heated-and-cooled seat as well as seat massagers.

2 new Black Label themes

For 2022, Navigator drops the Destination theme from its Black Label portfolio, but it keeps Chalet and Yacht Club while adding Central Park and Invitation.

While the Central Park theme looks attractive with its dark wood accents and black leather, I’m most intrigued by the Central Park theme, which reflects a more urban design. The coolest thing about this theme: The dark walnut wood on the dash is actually lasered to reflect the park’s pathways.

But Black Label is more than just a theme – it’s an experience that includes premium maintenance, complimentary detailing, any-time carwashes and special membership privileges.

Road Preview is standard

In Chicago I play a game I like to call “dodge the potholes.” This is a year-round venture that you hope saves the tires and wheels on your car – not to mention your teeth. I’m not always successful, and it would be really nice to have a way to ease the blow if avoidance isn’t possible.

The 2022 Navigator does that.

Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview is standard. What that means is the vehicle has a series of 12 sensors that monitors body movements as well as the road ahead. A forward-facing camera reads the road 500 times a second and will automatically prompt adjustments to diffuse jarring motions. We need this in Chicago stat!

2022 NavigatorThe bottom line on the 2022 Navigator

In our humble opinion, Lincoln makes one of the best full-size luxury SUVs with plush seats, excellent tech-forward features and an incredibly quiet cabin. We loved it when we first saw it as a concept car, we loved it more when we drove it – and if the pattern holds, this refresh will bring more love.

We don’t have any pricing information at this time, but we still have a lot of time between now and when we’ll see the 2022 Navigator hit showrooms early next fall. So, stay tuned for more details – including price – coming in a couple months.

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