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Best lighting on full-size trucks – Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota and Ram compared


When you are shopping for a truck you may not think about what it looks like at night. But after you’ve owned it a while you may discover that it doesn’t have enough light to see as you’re getting in, or that the interior is just too dark. Does the truck have puddle lights? Lights in the bed to help you unload after dark? This video will help you find the best lighting on full-size trucks.

Best lighting on full-size trucks

With features like the F-150’s Zone Lighting and several brands adding lighting to the beds of their trucks, or ambient lighting inside may will be hard to pick a favorite! If your current truck isn’t bright enough for you, you can always add something like these flexible LED bed lights

Which full-size truck is best and brightest at night?

In this video, Tim compares five full-size trucks (RAM, Ford, Toyota, GMC, Nissan) at night. He shows us the interior lighting, lit-up buttons on the dashboard and other interfaces then walks around the exterior of each truck and shows you how they look at night so you can decide which is best for your needs.

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