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Now that we have most of the pricing for the 2022 Toyota Tundra, you can see there is almost a $30k gap between the base SR ($35,950) and the most expensive version of the 1794 ($61,020). OK, that’s great, but what is the Tundra package pricing if you want to completely trick out your truck with all the options?

Well, we managed to get our hands on pricing breakdown, and though the images are a bit rough, we figured we’d include them in their entirety below.

But there are a couple of interesting tidbits to comment on.

What if I want all the bells and whistles?

Since we don’t currently have any of the i-Force Max hybrid powertrain pricing (which includes the TRD Pro), we’re doing the math on top price that we know right now – and that’s for the 1794 CrewMax 4WD model with the 6-foot, 5-inch bed.

If you add all the packages available at that trim (Advanced, BSM + PVM Tow Mirror, TRD Off-Road, power running boards and special paint), you’re looking at a top price of $68,565, including the $1,695 destination.

So, just less than $70k. Which means you’re looking upwards of $70k for all that plus the i-Force Max. And the TRD Pro? Well, I’m guessing more than $80k for any packages plus destination.

Speaking of the TRD Pro

While we don’t have the trim pricing yet, we do have some TRD package pricing – and in fact, the TRD Off-Road Package is the most expensive package you’ll find on the 2022 Tundra. It’s not available on the base SR, but on the SR5, the TRD Off-Road Package ranges from $1,120 to $2,090, depending on 2WD vs AWD. Then you have the TRD Off-Road Premium Package on the SR5, which ranges from $3,210 to $4,180, again depending on 2WD vs AWD. It’s also worth noting that neither of these off-road packages are available with the 8-foot, 1-inch bed.

Adding the TRD Off-Road package to the pricier trims is, well, pricier.  You’re looking at three different prices: $2,115 (Limited 2WD), $3,085 (Limited 4WD) and $2,140 (1794 4WD). So, in case you missed it, that means the Platinum and 1794 2WD models don’t get a TRD Off-Road Package option.

Can you get anything extra on the base SR trim?

The quick answer: No, not really. Special paint isn’t even available.

The one and only package option is going to be the SR Grade Tow Package, which costs $430. But that’s it.

Pricing charts

The bottom line on 2022 Tundra package pricing

As we noted in our pricing article, the 2022 Tundra is competitive with other trucks in the market. This package pricing is no different. And, frankly, we’re impressed that the most expensive package item is just a shade more than $4K.

While not every option is available on every trim, Toyota has done a good job of simplifying the package structure while allowing you to customize your truck a bit.

Now that you know the pricing structure, if you had to choose a trim and packages, how would you trick out your truck? We’d love to hear about your dream truck in the comments below.

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