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2021 Ram 1500 Classic on hold, other truck package changes


The Ram 1500 Classic is the latest casualty of a semiconductor shortage slowing production for nearly all automakers. This halt in production comes on the heels of changes in certain packages for 2021 Ram trucks as well.

Ram 1500 Classic on hold

According to Autoblog.com, Stellantis, the new parent name for the Ram, says they will halt production of the Ram 1500 Classic at their Warren, Michigan, and Saltillo, Mexico, plants. This could last for several weeks according to a spokesperson.

They aren’t alone with other brands like Ford F-150 production delay and GM making similar announcements in recent weeks like with the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 losing fuel saving tech.

Ram has been building the 1500 Classic, the prior generation truck, for several years now due to consumer demand for the less expensive model, it starts at around $4k less than the newer model.

It has been, and will continue to be once the semiconductor shortage is solved, a great option for both consumers and the company making profits on an older design.

Package changes

This news comes of the heels of package changes for the 2020 model year. MoparInsiders.com reports dealers have shared many package changes due to the removal of Blind-Spot Monitoring (XAN) option for several packages.

NameplateOld Packages (includes XAN)New package (excludes XAN) **New Package MSRP Reduction
1500 (DT)Laramie Level 1 (A66)Laramie Level A (A76) $200 USD
Laramie Level 2 (A67)Laramie Level B (A77)
Big Horn/Lone Star
Level 2 (A63)
Big Horn/Lone Star
Level B (A73)
$270 USD
Laramie Level 1 (A66)Laramie Level A (A76)
Laramie Level 2 (A67) Laramie Level B (A77)
Safety Group (AAU) Safety Group B (AAV)*
Tow Tech Group (AAN) Tow Tech Group B
*Available on Big Horn/Lone Star & Laramie only; AAU/AAN is still available on other trims
** Not available with LD Advanced Safety Group (ALP)

The revised packages do result in some savings for both the Ram 1500 and Ram HD models, however, blind-spot monitoring is a well worth the cost.

Also, the standalone option for XAN is closed for all trims. However, Limited Longhorn, Limited, Ram TRX and Ram 2500 Power Wagon packages won’t be affected as of this time.

The bottom line

These production delays are being reported throughout the industry with Ford, GM, Toyota and Ram all experiencing shortages. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal right now, these shortages will likely result in fewer incentives from dealers for the time being with limited inventory and a hot market meaning they can charge full price and get it.

If you are in the market right now for a new pickup truck, be prepared for limited deals. If you can wait, you might want to consider doing so until supply rebounds.

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