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Why is there a 2021 Ford F-150 production delay?

F-150 production delay

Will your 2021 Ford F-150 be affected by the semiconductor chip shortage? (Photo courtesy Ford Motor Co.)

At Pickup Truck +SUV Talk, we promise to bring you the good, bad and the ugly. Today’s word is definitely not good for anyone looking to buy a 2021 Ford F-150. In fact, if you’ve already ordered one and you found out about the F-150 production delay via this post, we’re really sorry.

A global semiconductor chip shortage

From infotainment systems to power steering, these tiny little parts are really important. And F-150 pickup trucks aren’t the only things these chips are used for. They’re used in other major truck brands and are a popular component of many consumer electronics, too.

Of course, Ford is working with its suppliers to get more of these parts in a timely manner, but for a short while, there will be an F-150 production delay.

F-150 production delay affects more than just buyers

The truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and the assembly plant in Kansas City, Missouri, will cut back on shifts for a few weeks due to the parts shortage. This means Ford employees could lose work hours for a few weeks. Ford is hoping to return to three full shifts at each plant by February 15.

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