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2021 Ford Mach-E (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

The Mach-E all electric CUV has not even formally arrived in Ford showrooms as of yet, but for Mach-E buyers who were fortunate enough to reserve a copy of the Mustang-inspired model for themselves, Ford is about to give them an early holiday present. It comes in the form of a price drop, with the company allegedly revealing this via a letter sent to its dealer network according to a report from Mach-E Forum.

The price drops will have two distinct flavors with the cuts ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the trim level involved. The Mach-E will still come in five trim levels (Select, Premium, GT, California Route 1, and First Edition) with the base model having its price lowered by $1,000 with a rear-wheel-drive model now starting at $43,995 and the all-wheel-drive model starting at $46,695. This includes the mandatory $1,100 shipping fee that’s bundled into the sticker of each Mach-E produced.

The meat of this move will present itself depending on what trim level is involved, with Premium model buyers saving $3,000 and only paying a revised price of $48,100 (rear wheel drive) and $50,800 (all-wheel drive.) Meanwhile California Route 1 buyers get $2,000 off, and First Edition buyers get to shave off $1,000 from their price tags. The lone exception appears to be the $62,700 GT trim which is the most performance focused of the lineup. According to the report, it is not included in the price cutting campaign, and its unknown why its not being discounted like the others.

However, it appears that Ford is responding to moves made by some of its competitors, with the company revealing to dealers that it is altering the Mach-E’s pricing ladder “to remain fully competitive in a segment that is seeing dynamic price changes.” This segment is also growing too, with more automakers throwing their hats into the EV crossover ranks. This includes the recently unveiled Volkswagen ID.4 which would theoretically have the Mach-E in its crosshairs when it eventually brings the ID moniker to the United States.

While Volkswagen has not formally released pricing for the ID as of yet, the Mach-E’s original pricing ladder might have led to certain disadvantages between the two in pricing, especially when viewed against some of the more value focused Mach-E offerings.

While Ford was forced to do a last minute price cut, the broader production plans it has for the Mach-E still remain firmly on track, with the company planning to begin production of the model at its Mexico facility later this year. The first units will begin making their way to dealerships shortly afterward, with Ford aiming to complete this initial phase of the rollout process before the start of 2021.

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