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Ford’s mysterious Mustang infused EV crossover is rapidly heading towards its official debut at the L.A. Auto Show, and the Blue Oval has decided that now is the time for the world to learn its name, with the ‘Mach E” moniker being confirmed ahead of its debut.

The Mach E nameplate was long rumored to be the final name for the new model, with Ford learning its lesson after Mustang loyalists torched the company on various forms of media when it tried to revive the venerable Mach 1 moniker for the new model. On this particular front, we will actually give Ford a free pass here considering that the company’s designers were walking a very fine line in creating a nameplate that not only sounded distinct to the model but also be a way to connect it with the Mustang family.

Unfortunately, the internet can be a double edged sword at times, and the official announcement was immediately followed up by a massive unauthorized online leak via an intrepid member of the Mach E forum that not only unveiled the model way ahead of its scheduled debut, but also confirmed several key details about the EV. The exterior styling for example looks gorgeous, with the Mach E doing a good job of incorporating many key Mustang design elements into its futuristic sheet metal. This includes the slick headlights, the distinct grille insert with big pony logo, as well as the Mustang inspired taillights. Thankfully, the look is way less boxy than we initially anticipated, and the surprising amount of sleekness baked into the design allows the Mach E to have a very distinct profile out on the road.

The interior is very clean and simple, with an undeniable amount of Tesla influence grafted right into it. The attention grabber however is the massive tablet style screen that dominates the center dashboard. Once reserved for Tesla models, more automakers have adopted similar screens in recent years, and Ford is no exception to this trend. The screen is quite massive, but it appears that Ford engineers did not lose sight of ergonomics, with the bottom portion of the screen featuring a prominent controller that most likely helps with navigating and accessing various menus. Another noticeable feature is the center mounted air vent that helps unify the cabin, and it wraps its way to both of the front doors. Unfortunately, the lone interior image featured does not shed any further details on back seat accommodations, as well as other key features that will make their way to the Mach E.

However, pricing for the Mach E also emerged in the leak with the base “Select” trim starting at $43,895 which is roughly on par for the EV segment. Buyers looking for more exclusivity will be delighted with the decidedly rarer $59,900 “First Edition” which brings a number of exclusive touches for those that are willing to pay the price of admission. This includes a choice of three trim exclusive exterior colors with ‘Grabber Blue Metallic paint being the star of the show in this regard. Other goodies include First Edition scuff plates, unique interior contrast stitching, brushed aluminum pedals, and even red brake calipers. A GT grade model is also in the pipeline, with prices for that model starting at $60,500. The leak failed to unearth select details about that model, but it is known that a GT with certain options is capable of making the sprint to 60 mph in the 3.0 second range which is shockingly quick. Other trims include a Premium model as well as a “California Route 1” model that was designed to embody its cruising heritage, and will come equipped with the optional extended range battery that is projected to give the Mach E a 300 mile driving range.


Look for all to be revealed when the Mach E makes its official debut at the 2019 L.A. Auto Show. We are hoping to hear more about some of the optional equipment that the Mach E will bring to the table, as well as how it further intends to link itself with the iconic muscle car of the same name.


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