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The Ford Mustang Mach-E certainly had plenty of potential hidden underneath its sleek bodywork, and apparently, the electrical components were looking to make their presence felt too, with Ford Performance and RTR unveiling the Mach-E 1400 Prototype.

As we suspected, this particular Mach-E is a one-off prototype, but look beyond that technicality, and it’s very clear that this isn’t your average electrified CUV. Built as part of a collaboration between RTR and Ford Performance, the Mach-E 1400 prototype was designed to push Ford’s EV technology to the limit, while also serving as a test bed for technologies that could eventually make their way to future Ford products (EV or otherwise.) The fruit of over 10,000 hours of collaboration between the two, this prototype started life as a body on white Mustang Mach-E, but RTR and Ford Performance engineers have given it a very extensive makeover.

The front fascia for instance is completely reworked with an all new lower bumper, winglets, and a blackened front grille to help give it a sinister persona. the side profile has some new curves, along with side skirts and tricked out mirror assembles. The rear fascia is home to a massive rear wing, and an equally large diffuser to help keep the rear of the Mach-E planted at high speeds.

The interior of the concept has been heavily revamped for race duty. While the stock Mach-E’s Tesla style infotainment screen carried over largely intact, the rest of the interior has been stripped and reworked for serious performance driving. There are ample amounts of carbon fiber on the dashboard, a racing focused steering wheel, and supportive Recaro race seats to help keep occupants tightly in place during hard turns. The center console is what certainly stands out the most, with one of the electric motors being displayed in a protective clear case. 

But performance is ultimately the rule of the land here, and the “1400” part of its moniker is not just for show either. While a 56.8 kilowatt battery is on board, it supplies power to seven (you read that correctly) electric motors that produce a whopping 1400 horsepower and an equally bonkers 2,300 lb-ft of torque. These lofty figures are even more impressive when you look at the 2,300 lbs of downforce that the EV is capable of generating when cruising along at 160 mph.

The real trump card here, is adaptability, with Ford Performance giving drivers the ability to tweak the ludicrous power and layout to suit a wide range of needs. Stopping is handled by Brembo sourced brakes that are hooked up to a specially designed regenerative braking system. A hydraulic braking system has also been outfitted to help give the concept the ability to drift in all kinds of directions. The braking system also comes with special powertrain controls that can help cut power to the rearward motors to make drifts much easier. 


As mentioned, the Mach-E 1400 Concept is more than just a fire breathing electron fueled performance car. It’s also a rolling laboratory that is allowing Ford to test a number of new materials and technologies out in the real world. While Ford stopped short of listing all the technologies that are being tested, the firm did reveal that the hood is made out of organic composite fibers. These fibers are an environmentally friendly alternative to the carbon fiber that adorns the rest of the car, and this material could eventually make its way to future Ford products.   




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