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When the folks at RTR released a cryptic teaser last week that potentially hinted at a spicier iteration of the Mustang Mach-E, we were admittedly curious to see what the tuning firm had in mind. While RTR has preferred to wait until tomorrow to reveal more information, Ford Performance has never been the one for modesty, and has dropped a very potent clue into the digital domain.

The timing of this latest string of events is certainly no coincidence, and follows up on a mysterious piece of video footage that showed a stripped out Mach-E destroying its tires and doing other things that a stock Mach-E wouldn’t dream of doing. Ford Performance has ratcheted up the intrigue, with a lone teaser image which appeared on their Twitter page. The image in question features a healthy amount of tire smoke, with a sinister looking Mach-E peeking out from the fore-mentioned plume. Granted, this particular Mach-E clearly has alot going on, with the front fascia being adorned with a very prominent front splitter, aero winglets, and dramatically flared front fenders. A Ford Performance windshield banner is prominently visible on the windshield, and a Mach-E logo is also stenciled on the hood.

We suspect that range is the last thing on this Mach-E’s mind, but the other item that stuck out to us is the list of racing icons that Ford Performance tagged in its post. Ken Block in particular is perhaps the most glaring of the bunch, with Block being more than capable of making the Mach-E go in all kinds of wild directions when given a circuit and a set of keys to use. With the Mach-E undergoing final revisions before it makes its way to dealerships, it’s highly unlikely that this will be bound for consumers. Instead, it could either be a one-off or something that is focused on one of the company’s racing programs.

Look for all to be revealed tomorrow, and stay tuned to PickupTruckTalk for all the details surrounding this potent electrified mystery.       


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