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Ford could use Mustang nameplate beyond Mach-E, according to report


Ford has just recently taken the wraps off the 2021 Mustang Mach-E EV, but with the dust still settling from its star-packed unveiling, the rumor mill has kicked back into high gear, with a new round of speculation suggesting that the Mustang name could be used in other models.

This is according to the folks at Autocar, who claim in a new report that Ford is interested in using the iconic nameplate on other models, thus transforming the nameplate into a separate sub-brand. Like the similar rumors swirling around the Corvette nameplate, it is currently unknown what Ford exactly has up its sleeve, with details surrounding the new models being extremely murky at this point. A key topic up in the air is whether these new additions would be all-electric like the Mach-E or if they will also feature conventional combustion engines. The notion of a sub-brand would be a very compelling money focused move for Ford, especially if it aims to take full advantage of the attention that the Mach-E has gained. However, it would also be a risk since it would put more pressure on the company to deliver the models correctly, with any potential faults being magnified by eager fans and loyalists.

While we are confident that the Mustang nameplate won’t find its way onto a pickup truck any time soon, there is a good possibility that we could see it on a couple more crossover models. They would help fill voids left by the Mach-E, and perhaps even serve as an opportunity for the company to help fill niches that would otherwise not be filled by the Mach-E. As a bonus, they would help lure in more buyers that want to have some of the Mustang’s inspiration, but in a more value focused package that is below the $40,000 mark established by the all-electric Mach-E EV.

Ford at this point is not confirming any of these rumors, but it is certainly worth keeping an eye on over the next few years, especially if the Mach-E posts good sales numbers after it is fully assimilated into the model lineup.


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