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With all the debuts scheduled to take place over the next few years, we give Jeep props for managing to keep the 2021 Grand Wagoneer tightly under wraps for so long. The model is slated to be the biggest and most luxurious Jeep offering from the brand when it eventually arrives, and it also revives an iconic name from the AMC era.

A new round of rumors has us excited, though, because it appears the Grand Wagoneer will have a few green tricks up its capable sleeves.

This is according to the folks at Mopar Insiders who claimed that evidence for this report came from an inside source within the company. That source revealed that the Grand Wagoneer would be the most technologically advanced model in the FCA lineup.

That is to be expected, of course, considering a vehicle like the Grand Wagoneer is supposed to be a compelling glimpse into the latest technology advances for an auto company. In the case of Jeep, the lack of a formal third-row model has been a glaring hole in the brand’s lineup for years, and it has been like that ever since the demise of the ill-fated Jeep Commander. Unlike the fuel-thirsty Commander, though, the revived Grand Wagoneer will take a much more serious approach to fuel economy.

That particular effort will reportedly show itself in an all new plug-in hybrid model that was first mentioned in Jeep’s 2018 product plan. This plan has gone through a few revisions since then, but it appears that the course is still firmly set in regards to the Grand Wagoneer PHEV. The report reveals that the alleged model will have a battery big enough to help the SUV achieve 30 mpg, with the green Grand Wagoneer also receiving the same eight-speed automatic as the PHEV Wrangler. The report also appears to earmark a preliminary timetable for the arrival of the PHEV Wagoneer, suggesting it would arrive a year after the arrival of the gasoline-powered model.

This latest round of rumors appears to build a very compelling picture of the Grand Wagoneer with prior rumors stating the model would have a very luxurious cabin that could perhaps even rival the already formidable accommodations offered by the Range Rover full-size luxury SUV. This would be due to the extensive use of real wood trim, high quality leather upholstery, and splashes of aluminium trim. A fully digital instrument cluster would be on board, along with a frameless layout for the 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is expected to come along for the ride. The end result would be a very luxurious space to spend time in, even when the Grand Wagoneer is powering its way through the toughest of trails.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Wagoneer was originally rumored to make its debut alongside the Grand Cherokee in June at the revamped North American International Auto Show in Detroit. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced FEMA to transform the TCF Center into a field hospital, which scuttled the plan. Jeep officials confirmed that it had pushed the debut back several months, which would place the revised date sometime in September.

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