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Jeep To Electrify Whole Lineup By 2022, Aims To Bring 10 PHEV Models To The Masses


Jeep has always been known for being a brand that took pride in wearing its off-road credentials like shiny badges of honor on its rugged vest. But with the need for electrification and tighter fuel regulations creeping up on Jeep in some markets, the brand revealed that it has some big moves in store for the next few years, with 2022 expected to produce a very different version of the iconic brand.


How so? Well for starters all Jeep models will eventually be electrified, with the brand doubling its efforts on being “the greenest SUV brand in the world” according to Global Jeep President Christian Meunier during an event in New Zeland. This is huge not only because 2022 is roughly two years away from now, but also because it would be a very different state of affairs versus the current product landscape.

At the moment, Jeep has no electrified variants of any of its models currently available. The lone exception is the Wrangler, which does come equipped an eTorque mild hybrid system, but in a land where plug-ins are becoming fashionable, Jeep is nowhere to be found. The firm is keenly aware of this, and has recently unveiled plug-in versions of the Renegade and Compass for Europe, and work is proceeding on the Wrangler version (we braved torrential rain to spot one in the wild a few months back.)

But the task of getting all the model lineup electrified in that time frame is a pretty big challenge considering the models that would be involved, as well as the fact that FCA has historically been far behind some of its peers in regards to the bringing pure EV vehicles to consumers.


But looking past the abruptness of this statement (Jeep reps have been quiet up to this point,) and the sheer scale of this effort becomes clear, with Jeep bringing a grand total of 10 PHEV and four BEV offerings to the marketplace over the next five years. In addition to the two PHEVS for Europe, Americans will get their first taste of this future with the Wrangler plug-in hybrid when it is launched sometime in 2020. The plug-in will be built alongside its standard issue cousins at the Jeep plant in Toledo, with Jeep releasing more details sometime later this year. 2021 however will be key for Jeep, with the brand releasing plug-in applications for both the Grand Cherokee as well as the long awaited Wagoneer SUV and its more luxurious cousin the Grand Wagoneer.


While Jeep has chosen to keep other details of this green initiative to itself for the moment, we strongly suspect that the EV offensive will see the brand gradually phase out diesel engines. Jeep recently launched a diesel version of the Wrangler, but with sales expected to be a minor percentage of all Wranglers built, we can definitely see Jeeps logic here especially one the plug-ins have a chance to further solidify their positions in the product hierarchy. As for the BEVs they could perhaps be tailored to on road applications, which is nothing new for Jeep. In the early days of the brand, there were on road offerings including the lovable Jeepster.


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