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Ford Ranger Performance Packages

Ranger Ford Performance Package

The Ford Ranger has already proven to be a very capable offering in the midsize segment. But what if you’re a midsize truck buyer who wants more off-road capability and adventure-focused styling to go with your pickup purchase?

Ford has the answer, with the company offering three all-new accessory packages that they can order directly from their local Ford dealership.

Unlike a prior performance package that focused on solely adding more power to the engine, the trio here focuses on gradually enhancing the Ranger’s abilities to conquer the beaten path.

Ford Ranger Performance Packages

Ranger Ford Performance Package tuned Fox shocks

The dealer-installed packages are split into three levels, with all of them sharing an off-road leveling kit, which includes FOX shocks with Ford Performance tuning, new 17-inch Dyno Gray wheels, as well as Ford Performance graphics on the windshield and bed sides.

Things get interesting when buyers choose to go up to Level 2, with that package adding goodies such as a Ford Performance engine tuning suite that raises overall power by 16% to 315 horsepower and torque by nearly 20% to 370 pound-feet, blue tow hooks, Rigid sourced LED fog lights and a Ford Performance stainless steel license plate.

Lastly, there’s Level 3, which blends the equipment found in Levels 1 and 2 with a few more package exclusive pieces of new equipment. A Rigid 40-inch LED lightbar kit helps light the way at night, while red tow hooks and a Ford Performance by ARB steel front bumper help make the Ranger capable for the installation of aftermarket winches. The steel bumper can also take serious punishment, and is a nice upgrade over the stock plastic bumper. A Ford Performance chase rack and a 2.3-liter Ford Sport Exhaust system round things out and serve as a good exclamation point for the Ranger’s transformation.

Ford Ranger Performance Packages

Ranger Ford Performance Level 3 package light bar

“Our goal is to inspire customers by giving them capabilities and styling options from the aftermarket brands that they love” said Eric Cin, global director for Ford Vehicle Personalization. “The three new Ford Performance Packs empower our adventure loving Ranger customers to explore even further with even more freedom with the added off-roading capability right from the dealership.”

Buyers looking to add one of these packages to their Ranger will have three levels of pricing to choose from. Level 1 and Level 2 packages require an additional $2,495 and $4,495, respectively on top of the cost of a Ford Ranger, while the Level 3 package adds $8,995 to the cost of a Ranger. All three packages are compatible with 2019 and 2020 model year Rangers, but only if they are equipped with four-wheel drive. Level 1 and Level 2 will be available to order in August, but buyers looking to buy a Level 3 package to their rig will have to wait until next summer for the ordering for that particular package to open up.

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