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Want more capability from your F-150 or Ranger pickup without paying the premium pricing that comes with the F-150 Raptor? Or in the case of the Ranger variant, the long wait for its U.S. apperance? If this sounds like you, Ford has an interesting alternative that might satiate your craving for more ground clearance.

Arriving as a dealer installed accesory, Ford’s all new $1,495 lift kits adds 2.0 extra inches of ground clearance for 2019 Rangers, as well as 2015 through 2019 F-150s. While 2.0 inches may not seem like a whole lot, every inch matters when it comes to off-roading, with the kit helping improve the approach and breakover angles for both trucks. The Ranger sees a 21 percent increase in the former, and a 10 percent increase for the latter.

Meanwhile the bigger F-150 sees its approach angle improve by 22 percent, while breakover angle improves by a decidedly more modest 7 percent when equipped to trucks with the 145 inch wheelbase. The kit is not just about increasing clearance, with Ford engineers also including heavy duty components in some areas of the suspension to help both trucks cope with rougher stretches of terrain.

But arguably, the signature addition of this new kit are the Fox shocks thst are bundled into this package. While not having the same tune as their Raptor counterparts, Ford engineers worked in partnership with Fox to develop specialized valving in the shocks themselves that allows both trucks to have the proper blend of on and off-road performance.

Revamped front springs and special polyurethane mounts in the upper struts further embody this mission, and Ford revealed that the setup was extensively tested in high speed off-road driving in Borrego, California as well as more precision focused rock crawling adventures in Arizona. We look forward to perhaps testing this kit for ourselves in the near future to see if it really does do a good job of delivering the best of both worlds to truck owners.


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