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As we head into the Fourth of July, you might be feeling a burst of patriotism that coincides with your need to buy a new truck. And if you want to “buy American,” that’s not as obvious or easy at it seems these days considering the global economy.

Every year, Cars.com posts its American-Made Index, which looks at vehicles that have a final assembly in the U.S. for — at least some portion of sales.

According to the Cars.com methodology, rankings are indexed by location of final assembly, percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts, country of origin for available engines, country of origin for available transmissions and U.S. manufacturing employees relative to the automaker’s footprint.

Of course, there’s a lot more going into the American-Made Index than that, and I encourage you to check out Cars.com’s full article to view the nitty gritty. The website also lists more than trucks in its American-Made Index, but for our purposes, we pulled out all the trucks that were indexed as well as the Cars.com ranking.

And, if you think everything from Ford, GM and Ram will be at the top of the list, you’re in for a surprise.  

1. Ford Ranger (assembled in Wayne, Mich.)
6. Honda Ridgeline (Lincoln, Ala.)
10. Chevrolet Colorado (Wentzville, Mo.)
11. GMC Canyon (Wentzville, Mo.)
16. Toyota Tundra (San Antonio)
40. Jeep Gladiator (Toledo, Ohio)
44. Ford F-150 (Dearborn, Mich., and Claycomo, Mo.)
47. Ram 1500 (Sterling Heights, Mich.)
55. Nissan Titan (Canton, Miss.)
63. Ram 1500 Classic (Warren, Mich.)*
77. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (Roanoke, Ind.)*
84. Toyota Tacoma (San Antonio)*
85. GMC Sierra 1500 (Roanoke, Ind.)* 

Perhaps not quite what you were expecting, eh?

Honda Ridgeline American Made Index

The Honda Ridgeline ranks No. 6 on Cars.com’s American Made Index, which makes it the No. 2 truck on the list. (Image courtesy of American Honda Motor Co.)

The bottom line:

Most automakers these days do business in multiple countries, and if they didn’t, they’d likely wither up and die. Parts, supplier and even assembly workers 

So, while two of the Detroit 3 take top spots on the American-Made Index, there’s an Asian automaker up there, too – but it’s not the one I expected.

For me, the biggest surprise is that Toyota didn’t take one of the top three slots and that the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado aren’t higher. 

The key takeaway: Buying American isn’t what it once was.

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Jill Ciminillo

Jill Ciminillo is the Managing Editor for Pickup Truck + SUV Talk as well as a Chicago-based automotive writer, YouTube personality and podcast host, with her articles and videos appearing in outlets throughout the U.S. Additionally, she co-hosts a weekly radio show on car stuff for a local Chicago station. Previously, Jill has been the automotive editor for both newspaper and broadcast media conglomerates. She is also a past president for the Midwest Automotive Media Association and has the distinction of being the first female president for that organization. Jill is also currently a juror for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY).

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  1. Brandon June 30, 2020

    Wow ranger beat out ridgeline this year! It’s always hilarious to see that the japanese trucks are for the most part as american made as the big 3. Good article Jill!

    1. Avatar photo
      Jill Ciminillo July 1, 2020

      Thanks, Brandon. I was actually stunned to see Chevy and GMC at the bottom and HONDA (?!) as the no. 2 truck. Yikes. Ram doesn’t surprise me because FCA (#Fiat), but GM does …


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