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Bolt Electric Crossover Arriving In 2021, Will Recieve Super Cruise Technology


General Motors made a splash today, with the company firing off a barrage of announcements centered around its future EV plans and some of the models that will be the figurative glue holding things together. GMC and Cadillac dropped bombshells, but saving the best for last was Chevrolet, with the bowtie brigade revealing that it too will be joining the EV revolution sweeping through GM.

While a refreshed Bolt EV will make its appearance later this year, the model that has our collective attention is an all new Bolt EUV variant that will make its appearance in late 2021. While both of these models will not get the Ultium battery packs that will power all the other EV models, the Bolt EUV will be given the privilege of being the first vehicle outside Cadillac to come equipped with Super Cruise Capability. This is not a new trend either, with the standard Bolt being one of the first non-Cadillac models to come equipped with GM’s new for the time digital rear view mirror system. As mentioned in our prior coverage, GM is embarking on yet another expansion project for the technology, with the tech expanding its reach to 10 vehicles in 2021, before finding its way to 22 vehicles by 2023.

Attendees that were given the opportunity to see both models have revealed that there is a slight whiff of Mach E in the basic design for the two Bolts. Look for this to be more apparent in the bigger Bolt EUV which would also have a more rugged motif to match its more function oriented mission. The interior is expected to infuse more upscale elements into its construction including more soft touch materials, new seats, a push button gear selector, as well soft leather like padding for the dashboard. The Bolt EUV would have a three inch wider wheelbase, as well as five extra inches in length which could play a role in improving rear seat legroom.


As mentioned, The Bolt EUV will not get the Ultium battery packs, but the pack it does have will still be a welcome update over the battery that powers the current Bolt which delivers a 236 mile driving range. Chevrolet did not reveal any further details about the Bolt EUV, but with the pace that GM is releasing information regarding its broader EV plans, we expect that more teasers will emerge in due time. Unlike the Hummer and the Cadillac, the Bolt EUV will most likely be built alongside its traditional counterpart at GM’s Orion Assembly plant. There was a time when slumping sales for both the Bolt and the Sonic casted a dark cloud of doubt over the plant’s future, but these two models could be a good indicator that GM is not ready to give up on the plant.


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