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A report circulating online says the new 2024 Ford Ranger order banks will open on May 26, 2023. This is interesting since Ford Motor Co. has yet to unveil details on U.S. version of the Ranger.

The this all-new midsize Ford truck is expected to see a variety of changes, borrowing heavily from the global Ford Ranger which was unveiled last year.

2024 Ford Ranger order banks open with no details?

This is where things get confusing.

A post on Ranger6G forum shares the order bank information through a fleet distribution news bulletin from Ford.

Originally the post indicated order banks would open on April 17, 2023, and now it states it will be on May 23, 2023.

The current 2023 Ford Ranger order banks will close on April 27, 2023, for consumers. Commercial businesses have until March 24, 2023 to get their orders in.

What to expect for the 2024 Ford Ranger?

We have seen the new 2024 Ford Ranger through various spy photos and the global version.

While the spy photos have largely shown the exterior and interior updates bringing it more on par with other Ford models, the powertrain, trims and pricing has yet to be unveiled.

It is widely expected the 2024 Ford Ranger will offer one powertrain, the restricted lineup of trims like XL, XLT and Lariat. There are rumors around a plug-in hybrid model or even an electric truck version as well as a Ford Ranger Raptor variant.

The bottom line

We know we are getting closer to actually seeing the new 2024 Ford Ranger, and and we expect to hear from Ford directly on a reveal date soon. The order bank information gives us more reason to think a reveal will happen in April with order banks opening in May. So, just a few months more until we know all the details.

Tim Esterdahl

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