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BOLT Locks protect pricey presents on stock and aftermarket trucks

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The holiday season is a magical time. Especially for opportunistic thieves. This is why anyone who recognizes the importance of protecting their recently obtained truck and SUV gifts will appreciate the feeling of security provided by BOLT Locks this holiday season.

BOLT Locks’ patented “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” uses the vehicle ignition key to operate all of its locks. This means that truck or SUV driver in your life can secure their trailer hitch, trailer, boat, kayak, bike, roof carrier, overlanding gear, generator, and an endless array of other items with a single key. Equipped with a limited lifetime warranty, these products are the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award from Popular Mechanics and have been honored with several Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Global Media Awards.

To achieve this revolutionary locking feat, and win all of these awards, BOLT Locks use specially crafted tumblers to memorize a vehicle’s ignition key the first time it is inserted into the lock. One complete turn of the key moves the tumblers to fit that specific key, resulting in a uniquely programmed lock that matches whatever was inserted. No more whipping out a wad of jumbled keys, only to discover that the one you need is on the hook back at the house.

“BOLT Locks are an ideal holiday gift for anyone wanting to protect their valuable gear. Whether they are an avid boater or off-roader, enjoy hunting or fishing, motorsports, or use their vehicles to secure their work tools, BOLT Locks are a gift they will appreciate.” —Jason Buckles, BOLT Locks Sales Account Manager 

BOLT Trailer Locks

Receiver locks, pin locks, and trailer coupler locks

When it comes to popularity, the vehicle hitch Receiver Lock from BOLT Lock is the biggest seller and makes for a great last-minute gift. Designed to lock the ball mount receiver onto the hitch, the Receiver Lock comes in two sizes: ½-inch and 5/8-inches. An ideal option for those on your gift list who use a truck or SUV to tow.

As for BOLT Locks’ Coupler Pin Lock and Trailer Coupler Lock, these two present options provide the same single-key locking convenience, but for the trailer itself. The BOLT Coupler Pin Lock fits couplers from ½-inch to 3 3/8-inches and eliminates any movement within the locking lever itself. This makes locking a trailer ball shut or rendering the coupler completely unusable a cinch.

For additional unhitched trailer security, the BOLT Trailer Coupler Lock protects unattended trailers, as it works with both 1 7/8”, 2”, and 2 5/16” couplers. Painted bright red, this visible theft deterrent provides the perfect color combo this gift-giving season.

BOLT Cable Lock

Cable locks and padlocks

Have someone on your gift list that prefers to haul their gear around instead of towing it? BOLT also offers cable locks and padlocks. A BOLT Cable Lock can secure any number of items in a vehicle. Kayaks on a roof rack, bikes out back on a bike rack, jet skis affixed to a trailer, or overlanding gear in the bed. This multipurpose cable lock has you covered with 6 feet of ¼-inch black vinyl-coated coiled steel cable.

BOLT Padlock


As for BOLT Locks’ Padlock, it can also be used anywhere it will fit and makes for a great security option for truck bed toolboxes, camping lockboxes, and other externally mounted latched systems.

BOLT Locks Recovery Hook

BOLT locking recovery hook

Finally, there’s the BOLT Locking Recovery Hook. An impressive present for that 4×4 fanatic in your life. Engineered to be affixed to a standard 7/8” bumper tab, this beast of a hook is built to hold every winch and recovery rope imaginable. Secure recovery capabilities are essential, so this hook comes crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, and is rated at 10,000 pounds. It also features a stainless steel lock shutter to keep out debris and moisture and can swivel 160° for usage from an array of angles.

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