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Redesigned BOLT Lock Jeep JL and Gladiator J-Mount jack mount heads to SEMA

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For off-road aftermarket enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like a leaked online image of a redesigned product to get their proverbial pistons pumping. This is especially true when SEMA season comes about every autumn, and this year it’s BOLT Lock that has everyone’s undivided attention.

Surprise officially removed from the scenario, BOLT Lock’s early reveal of a redesigned J-Mount jack mounting system for Jeep JL and Gladiator models may come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the product.

BOLT Lock says that following a widespread public outcry for more mounting solutions, the security company’s engineers made a series of modifications to its already outstanding jack mount design. Here is why 4×4 fans are so pumped about this updated item, and why this fix makes for one impressive pre-SEMA debut.

BOLT Lock J-Mount Jeep JL and Gladiator

Photo Credit: BOLT Lock/YouTube

Which side are you on?

The J-Mount’s popularity is set to impress spectators at this year’s SEMA Show with its revised mounting solution’s ability to be far easier mounting and removal methods. All while providing the world’s best (and most expensive) jacks with a time-proven set of security features that BOLT Lock has long been revered for implementing.

For even greater versatility, the updated BOLT J-Mount can now be mounted to either side of either a JL or Gladiator. This is achieved by utilizing Jeep’s OE mounting points. The redesigned mount also now comes with a matching ditch light mounting point that can be used on both driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Adaptability is strong with this one too, with top-tier jack manufacturers like SmittyBilt and Hi-Lift being fully compatible with BOLT’s updated J-Mount (part #7040029).

According to BOLT, every redesigned Jeep JL and Gladiator J-Mount comes manufactured in the USA and comes black powder coated for additional longevity and looks. Like the original J-Mount design from BOLT Lock, neither drilling nor panel modification is required to secure the J-Mount to either line of Jeep.

As with all other products bearing BOLT’s “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology,” the new J-Mount becomes permanently programmed to the Jeep Gladiator or JL owner’s ignition key during its first turn. When the ignition key is inserted into the lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down to uniquely coded the lock the first time the key is rotated. An auto-return spring locks automatically when the key is removed. One key to rule them all, right Tolkien fans?

BOLT Lock J-Mount Jeep JL and Gladiator

Photo Credit: BOLT Lock/YouTube

There is also talk that the new advancements to the J-Mount, along with various other redesigned features will be covered in an upcoming BOLT Lock installation video from the security specialist. 

Not a JL or Gladiator owner but like the looks of this redesign? BOLT offers a range of different jack mounting solutions, including an inexpensive jack bracket for the TJ/JK generation.

“We have redesigned the J-Mount specifically for Jeep JL and Gladiator models to make it the ideal solution for mounting a jack on either side of the vehicle. The advantages and versatility offered by this redesign will be all the more evident when customers see our new installation video.” —Jason Buckles, BOLT Lock Sales Account Manager 

BOLT Lock J-Mount Jeep JL and Gladiator

Photo Credit: BOLT Lock/YouTube

For those who are not hip to what sets a BLOT Lock apart from the pack, note that it all starts with the use of a reinforced lock shutter. Inclement weather, road debris, salt corrosion, spilled cherry soda… it’s not coming anywhere close to those locking internals. Speaking of which, another thing that makes this Bolt Lock so special is its unique six-plate tumbler sidebar. Many thieves prefer picking and bumping when forcing a lock open, so this drastically reduces this risk.

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