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Truck Security 101: How to keep valuables safe in a pickup

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Pickup trucks are among the top targets for thieves in virtually any area of America. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), pickups make up four of the 10 most-stolen models in America. Furthermore, pickup trucks routinely rank as the most-stolen vehicle type in 30 of the 50 states, according to the NCIB’s Hot Wheels report.

Forever in search of ways to deter theft and make a thief’s job a hell of a lot harder, companies like Tuffy Security Products have developed a broad array of storage solutions that are just as impregnable as they are stealthy. As the industry-leader for all things automotive safe, drawer, and lockbox related, the masterminds behind some of the greatest aftermarket security containers provide countless pickup truck owners with peace of mind every day.

But functionality, durability, and storage security are just a few portions of the proverbial protective pie. Crafting a security storage container that effortlessly blends with all of the OEM surfaces within a vehicle is also key. The old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” never really hits home until a nefarious lout pokes their ugly head inside your truck’s cab for a quick glance around.

So, if you are looking to protect your wallet, smartphone, documents, electronics, firearms, or any other expensive/irreplaceable item, this article is for you. Remember, cargo management is more than just tying down a payload or hauling a heavily ladened trailer somewhere. It’s keeping everything within the cabin safe and secure as well.

Under rear seat lockboxes

Out-of-sight storage units are a stealthy way to utilize the often wasted space underneath the rear seat for stowing longer items or sets of tools. Look for lockboxes that are crafted out of welded steel, sport a 10 tumbler double-bitted security lock like Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard Locking System, and feature a mounting system that is only accessible from within the box itself. And while it may not be mandatory, an under-seat lockbox with chamfered corners definitely makes rear bench accessibility a whole lot easier and less painful.

Under-seat security drawers

Jeep owners get some of the best aftermarket love in the biz, with driver’s seat welded steel security drawers being one of them. Products with a form-fitting design, integrated weather seals, and easy access via the use of ball bearing sliders and a pull lever are ideal. Affixing one of Tuffy’s signature 10 tumbler double bitted Pry-Guard Locking Systems to one of these security drawers makes an already amazing under-seat storage solution even more perfect.

Console security safes

Security Console Safes are the core of any securely outfitted pickup truck. Typically welded from high-tensile steel for security and durability, console safes transform the divider between the front seats of a pickup or SUV into a heavy-duty lockable storage area. Certain models even feature an exclusive lid support that keeps the it open for easy access when unlocked, and a pin-lock hinge design for when it’s time to batten down the hatches.

“Theft is an ugly reality these days, so we advise consumers to be smart about locking up valuables in their vehicles. Tuffy offers the best in secure storage with products that keep things organized while making the most of existing space in the vehicle.” -Chip Olson, marketing director for Tuffy Security Products

A reputable brand is more than just a name

Tuffy Security Products safeguard valuable gear with American-made craftsmanship. The full line of Tuffy security solutions provide premium, superior protection against theft, enable safe cargo management, increase gear accessibility and offer the option of flexible keyless lock-entry for multiple users.

Most Tuffy brand products are an easy do-it-yourself installation with no drilling required. However, the company does offer Home Installation of its storage/organization products by simply clicking this option when making a purchase online. Customers receive quality installation from a certified professional technician and the cost of this service is clearly indicated on the product page for each item.

Tuffy Security Products is a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries, thus making it a sister company to Bestop, Inc., Baja Designs, PRP Seats, Softopper, SpeedStrap, Bull Ring, and Status Racing. For more information, please visit the Tuffy Security Products’ website at www.tuffyproducts.com or by calling 1-800-348-8339.

You can also find Tuffy on Facebook, as well as on Twitter via @tuffyproducts

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