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What does the 2022 Toyota Tundra yellow payload sticker mean?


What is the yellow payload sticker on the new Tundra? Why do some trucks have this and some don’t? Publisher Tim Esterdahl reached out to Toyota to find out just what this Tundra yellow payload sticker means and why not all new Tundras have it.

What is the Tundra yellow payload sticker?

These stickers are required by regulation for any weight added to the vehicle after the final certification of the vehicle at the factory. After the vehicle leaves the factory it goes to a distributor where accessories may be added. What kind of additions are we looking at? Things like running boards, all-weather floor mats, bed extenders or covers, etc.

The rule is, any time something is added it affects the payload capacity and must be updated from what is on the factory sticker. Some distributors add these to every vehicle, even if nothing has been added. Others only add them if changes have been made, which answers the question, why do some trucks have them while others do not.

As you can see in the video, Esterdahl’s truck has the sticker, but the payload numbers haven’t been adjusted at all. That’s because he didn’t have anything added to the truck, and his truck came through a distributor (Gulf States Toyota) that adds the sticker regardless of change.

So there you have it! The yellow payload sticker explained.


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