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Tesla Reveals Unveiling Date For Pickup Model, Is Targeting November


Electric pick up trucks are the current trend in the hotly contested EV market, with Ford, Rivian and others all jumping in the pool when it comes to developing a contender for this rapidly emerging market. One notable absence has been the EV maker that arguably set the bar for modern EV vehicles (Tesla.) While the California based company has mentioned it plans to offer a rig of its own, not much has emerged both in terms of teasers, and key details from the notoriously secretive company. But it appears the wait is slowly coming to an end, with Tesla founder Elon Musk releasing a new slice of information

Like other Tesla models, the information from Musk comes from his favorite social media platform Twitter, with the exec fielding a question from a curious fan. When asked by this individual if the pickup unveiling event could be held before October, Musk responded by saying that it would most likely take place in November. This could indicate that development of the truck is further along than many had anticipated, and that it could very well be at the concept stage.


As for overall avalibility and production plans, these factors are completly unknown. As we speak, the company still has not begun production of the recently unveiled Model Y CUV, and is still trying to get production going on the second generation Tesla Roadster, and the ambitious Tesla Semi Truck. Our best guess is that pickup production could be fast tracked to two years after its unveiling. But that would still put Tesla noticeably behind Rivian, which plans to start R1T production next year.


But look for that minor hiccup to not stop Tesla from continuing to aggresively market the truck later this fall, with all the pieces falling into place sometime in October, which is a month away from the alleged unveiling. With Elon himself claiming that his creation will usurp the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 in multiple categories, only time will tell if Tesla can indeed deliver the goods, and sucessfully be a disruptor in the EV pickup truck segment.


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